February 28, 2019

February Highlights

001. The weather

I feel like this is a super cliche British thing to say but this fake Spring we seem to be having I am 100% there for. I am fed up of dull, overcast days and I’m ready for some crisp, bright mornings and temperatures that don’t freeze your nipples off the second you step outside.

002. My bulbs are starting to flower

At the end of last year I planted a fuck load of bulbs in our gardens and this freak warm weather has tricked them into thinking it’s Spring so they have started to flower. Well, I say flower, one snowdrop has flowered and a few daffodils and another snowdrop aren’t far off so long as this warmer weather continues and we don’t have a freak frost that kills them all. Pray 4 my plants plz.

003. Eloise learning to ride a scooter

I’ve wanted to get El a scooter for ages, we were going to get her one for Christmas but I figured there wasn’t much point because she would want to go out on it in the ice so we postponed getting one initially until her birthday but Argos had a sale on one of their stunt scooters which is what we wanted, we really didn’t want to go for a foldable one basically but this one was down to £30 from about £80 so I was like “yeh!” and used their super quick same day delivery to get it the next morning (i ordered it at like 11pm, haha). Anyway, we have been taking her out on it most days and she is so stoked to be able to ride it after falling off a fair few times on her first ride and now she asks to go to the skate park to go on the ramps so the falls didn’t phase her at all despite coming off one and spraining her leg and arm right in time for her dance class.

004. I finally tried a McDonald’s Big Mac

Probably a sad af thing for most people but I have always had a very disordered relationship with food having had eating disorders in the past, etc etc etc. Anyway, I tried the new Bacon Big Mac and it was good. They also have mozzarella sticks back which make me all kinds of happy. I also tried the sausage pancakes for the first time ever too. I probably need to start adopting more healthy food options but YOLO.

005. All Things Wild

We love tagging along to the home ed days at All Things Wild. They discount the price on certain dates for us home edders and both the girls love it there. It was a beautiful, sunny fake Spring day we went this month and it was really lovely. We went on the Dino Train which Lily loves, played football with Eloise, set them loose in a huge indoor sandpit and ate pom bears in the sun.

006. Picking up paint for the hallway

Now this proabbly seems super boring but I have been stuck in a rut with the decorating since before Christmas so actually deciding on the shade for the walls downstairs and the banister seems like a huge deal after the major standstill.

007. Getting my first smear test out the way

Now I’m not sure I can count the actual experience as a highlight but I’m including this because its something that has worried me for ages and this month I finally made myself do it. It wasn’t particularly the actual procedure that worried me because I’ve had a fuck load worse done down there but more the waiting for the results and always convincing myself that everything ever will result in the absolute worse possible outcome ever. However, the procedure was fine, the nurse really helped put my mind at ease and the results were super quick and came 3 weeks later. The results were also fine so basically, I was shitting myself over nothing but what’s new there. If you’re due/overdue for your smear then book it now because it’s honestly fine.

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