February 2, 2019

Valentine’s Finds for 2019

It’s Valentines Gift Guide time again already! Yep, I’m already slightly worried about how fast this year is going by now we are out of January. Anyway, I didn’t want to go full on for this years Valentine’s gift guide, last year I did a bunch of separate ones but I wanted to do one because I just feel like a bunch of them was a bit too much so here is a little collection of some things I think would make great presents for your significant other this Valentine’s Day!

Appleyard London Flowers

The most cliche thing about Valentine’s and quite possibly the most underrated are a good old bunch of flowers. I mean you can’t go wrong with a beaut bouquet but I feel like it’s still pretty underrated. I would be perfectly happy with just a lovely vase of flowers to be quite honest, fresh flowers always make the house look and feel so much better.

The lovely people at Appleyard London sent me the most beautiful hand tied bunch and I am so excited to share the photos because they are so stunning just like all of their bouquets actually! My particular favourites are:

Secret Garden, which is a mix of sweet avalanche roses, antique carnations, delicate alstroemeria & soft pink sugar flair hypericum berries.

Luxury Lavender Roses, which are the most beautoful shade of purple with silvery eucalyptus.

Opal, a bouquet of opal-like avalanche roses with luxury, two-toned pink and white esperance roses, scented white freesia with luxury crystal-blush, white calla lilies, and delicate foliage.

The box they come in is also beautiful and I mean, if they go to that much detail with a box then you know the flowers are going to be amazing.

Klean Kanteen TKPro

I’ve spoken about Klean Kanteen before and we love love love the kids’ bottle, it’s fab! but why not fill this monster thermal insulated bottle up with some hot chocolate, grab your loved one and head out for a romantic walk somewhere armed with a lovely warm drink that’ll stay warm for up to 38 hours or if an iced coffee is more your thing then this baby will keep it icy for 100 hours. 100% plastic free means this is a great choice for those eco-friendly folk as well as commuters and adventurers alike. Or if you just like hot chocolate a lot.

Vie Gourmet Coconut Shell Bowls

Another one for those vegan or eco-conscious peeps, these bowls are made completely out of coconut shells. I have watched random videos on Facebook of these being made (not these specific ones but coconut shell bowls all the same) and they’re like those weirdly satisfying bubble bar cutting videos. They would look amazing in smoothie bowl photos and are kind to the planet, win win. Available on amazon so make the most of that Prime membership ;).

Ashton Confectionery

What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Maria makes the most amazing confectionery from flavoured fudge to boozy chocolate truffles including Louta Biscoff Fudge and Prosecco Truffles. She even makes rose-shaped chocolate lollies I mean, what more can you want? All available on her Etsy!

Check out Ashton Confectionery here:

Facebook | Etsy | Instagram

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

What says “I love you” quite like a fat ass tray of Krispy Kremes? Nothing is the answer to that. They always do cute themed limited edition doughnuts too which are great little gifts for those on a tighter budget. Or if you’re loaded buy 100, why the hell not.

Nintendo Switch

If you want to splash out a bit then a Switch is a great place to start. I am obsessed with our Switch, particularly The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which is bloody amazing may I just add. It’s portable so you can take it anywhere or play it socked up like a classic console and monitor/TV combo. Unless you’re a PC gamer like Ben, then it’ll still be a bit different. It’s amazing though is what I’m trying to say and I can’t think of anyone who would be sad about this as a gift.

A Letter

Since we were about 16 me and Ben have sent each other letters and we (ok, mostly Ben) have kept up this tradition by writing me random letters for my Birthday or our anniversary if we remember, or just completely random and they are such lovely, thoughtful and quite frankly the best gifts ever really. We have kept all of ours and it’s so lovely to look back on how our relationship went from being friends for years to together, engaged and become parents. Definitely a surefire way to put a smile on someones face this Valentine’s Day, I mean, even if you can’t afford a gift this would top them all anyway, let’s be honest.

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