February 15, 2019

We Rescued a Cat!

So this is going live a bit later than I wanted because we have actually had our kitten over a while now but anyway, after much discussion, we decided to start looking to rescue a cat at the end of last year. We originally went to see an older grey and white cat but it turned out he wouldn’t have been happy around young kids so we were back on the cat hunt pretty early on.

We were really set up for rescuing a cat that would ordinarily have not been popular, a “boring” colour, an older cat or one that really wasn’t coping in a cage environment but as you can imagine, a lot of the cats looking to be adopted have come from older peoples homes or homes where they haven’t got on with kids (aka, kid smacked them one, cat scratched, cat got dumped and now hates kids kind of scenarios) you know what I mean.

Enter Effie…

After the first cat not working out the rescue center called me back a few days later about an older grey and white kitten who had been brought back for a second time. We weren’t told any more than that and although initially, I wanted to rescue an older cat because kittens are whipped up fast as lightning because they’re “cute” but the fact she had already been moved about 4 times in less than a week broke my heart so we had a chat and decided we would go and meet her the next day as she was due to be brought back that morning.

We dropped the kids off with my Mum and head on up to Avon Cat Rescue in Welford-On-Avon and went to see her. She was in an enclosure in the garage because they were so inundated with cats that was the only space they had for her. She was quite nervous, hiding in the back of the cage not really wanting to come and say hello but she had just been in a car for near an hour so I’m not surprised she wasn’t too chuffed to have more new people coming to see her.

She eventually said hello and we ended up taking her home then and there. We all decided it was probably for the best to prevent her from settling down there again only to come to us in a couple of days so that was that and we have now had her for just over a month and we couldn’t love her anymore if we tried. Even if she has taken to digging the dirt out of all of my large houseplants and decorating the floor with mud. She also shits in the sink occasionally, haha.

Effie looking at me like I’m a peasant.

Effie’s Story

Effie was about 4 months old when we rescued her on 5th January 2019, she was from a home in Birmingham which is about an hour and a bit away from here. I believe she originally lived with one of her sisters in a family home but unfortunately due to domestic abuse the poor lady had to move to a safe house so Effie was left with a family friend for a day or so and then taken to the cat rescue at the beginning of January and almost immediately rehomed by an elderly couple but with her being a very lively young kitten she was too much for them so they brought her back a few days later which is also the day we took her home and the rest is history.

She settled almost immediately and was claiming the beds and anything soft the same evening which surprised me a bit because I expected her to be quite unsettled after being moved about so much in less than a week but she took it all in her stride. However, she’s recently been the vets to be neutered and she hated it, obviously, no cat is going to love that experience but I think she genuinely thought we were leaving her too. She was so happy to see me when I went to collect her and she hasn’t left our sides since. It breaks my heart to think that she must have thought that leaving a house means she’s never coming back there which is all she had previously known and I just felt so sad for her. I wish cats could understand us so I could tell her she’s staying with us forever.

Okay, get ready for some closing kitten spam, you’re welcome 🙂

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