March 11, 2019

A Few Favourite Corners of My Home.

We have lived here for a little over a year now and although it’s taken some time we are finally starting to really inject our own style into this place. Well, I am, Ben doesn’t really mind and goes with whatever I like unless it’s really elaborate. Like a pink sofa, I reeeeally bloody want a pink sofa. Luckily we both like a lot of similar things so we don’t argue too much over clashing styles which is good. I’m not sure he loves the pink bathroom as much as I do if the truth be told but he trusts my eye for things. We couldn’t do much for the first year because this place is a new build so we had to wait a year before we could paint and although there is still quite a way to go to tick off everything I thought it would be fun to share my favourite bits of our house so far.

Living Room Gallery

I feel like I’ve come to a bit of a stand still with our decorating because this was the last room I painted and that was well before Christmas. There are still things to paint in here, mainly furniture but I *think* I am happy with this little corner. I think the only thing I’d change is the arm chair, I’d love a blush pink one as opposed to this dark leather but we will make do until we find the right one.

The curtains are Orla Kiely and from Next if I remember rightly. These were the first things we bought for in here actually, the colour scheme was developed around them – grey, blush pink and dark blue. The blue makes the room a lot darker than we initially imagined so we have plans to get some floor lighting as well as some white, bright accesories to lighten it all up a bit.

Prints are as follows: Strong Girls Club | Girls Unite | others – Posterlounge

Paint: Valspar Shale Blue in Midsheen

Bedroom Shelf

This shelf was once upon a time part of my sisters tarantula set up. She had the tanks all set up on here along with a mouse I think it was. Anyway, it was re homed here when she moved. The shelf, not the tarantulas, no way am I having gigantic spiders in my house thanks very much.

I love how simple it is, just plain unfinished wood, presumably pine? I’m not sure but either way, I really love the rustic, scandi look it has. It’s taken ‘em a while to get it looking half decent I’m not gunna lie, I’ve had it a year or so and only just got round to sorting it all out really. I have my old typewriter sat on here which I do actually use every once in a blue moon, believe it or not, it’s not just for decoration.

I love old style things, hence the records and record player too although I have seen Tesco now stock LPs which is amazing! My collection are mostly vintage but I won’t say no to anything in record form really although the most modern one I have is 30 Seconds To Mars This Is War (which is a bloody brilliant album btw).

I also have a couple of my polaroid cameras on here too which I do actually use but the film is mad expensive so at the moment they have none in hence why they’re displayed open but I do plan on forking out for some for the Sun 600 soon.

The cream storage boxes are obvs influenced by Mrs Hinch. I love a storage basket! These are just regular old Curver ones from Tesco. This size are about £3 each but they do smaller ones which I love too for £1.50. Not quite a Pound shop 89p basket like Mrs Hinch but ours never stock baskets so these are the closest I can get! They’re lovely quality too! The hanging plant is another eBay find, I think it was about £2 or £3, just type in “fake hanging plant” and a bunch come up. This was another China one so be prepared to wait a couple of weeks for this one.

My desk

My current desk set up ft. sad yukka plant. I’m hoping it’s not dying and just looks bare because 1. it’s winter and 2. Effie keeps biting the leaves. We have had some baby leaves shoot so I’m hoping she will get a bit fuller soon. I had been dying for a desk like this for ages and finally caved and bought one last year, it was from Amazon I think and definitely under £80. The chair is eBay and about £30 if I remember rightly, I love the style of this chair, I kind of want to replace all my kitchen chairs with these but I don’t think I can part with the pink in there.

The basket underneath is eBay, it took a while to come because the majority of these style basket/bag things are from China so be prepared for a few weeks wait if you order one. I added my own pom poms because I’m extra.

I’m really loving how light and airy it is in here, I think we are going to keep it this way although we are going to give it a new lick of paint but the brightness is something we are really wanting to keep. The rest of the house, or at leats downstairs is quite dark in comparison so we are wanting to keep things a bit brighter and simple up here with lots of greenery. I think our bedroom is one of the most plant heavy rooms in the house, I just love ’em. Cats and plants are my crack. Plz pray for my yukka though </3.

As you can tell I’m super into seagrass baskets for storage and for plants as well as plants and more plants. I’m also really loving macrame hangers too, I think I’m going to have another shot at making my own soon because I’m obsessed. I think most rooms have one in now I just love how they look! Anyway, I hope you liked having a little peek into a few of my favourite corners of my home!

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