March 26, 2019

A Spring Wardrobe Addition.

It’s finally starting feel like actual Spring with this wave of sunshine that’s beaming down on the UK at the moment and I genuinely cannot tell you have excited I have been for this. I know in a month or so I will be doing nothing but complain about how I can’t breathe and that my entire face is hating life when the hayfever hits but right now, I am EXCITED. I love hearing the birds chirping as the sun streams through the windows in the morning, it just makes getting up a whole lot nicer and I can’t wait until it’s lighter in the evenings because I just feel like I’m so much more productive during the brighter months! Plus, I’m just so damn excited to be able to leave the house without freezing my tits off under 4 layers and being able to sit in the garden with the kids more! One of the things on my spring to do list is to sort out my wardrobe and purge it of the chunky knits until autumn and bring all of my floaty tops and skirts out of hiding as well as add some new additions to my wardrobe!

One of these additions is this skirt from ASOS. I originally saw it on Kate La Vie’s Instagram, her style is just so perfect and I find myself, more often than not, lusting over her entire wardrobe and I knew when I saw this skirt I just had to have it! I love florals and I love maxi skirts so this skirt couldn’t be more me if it tried. I can’t say I’d have gone for this green shade without seeing it on someone other than a model first because Kate made it look a so, so much nicer than on the website. Sometimes you just have to see it on a regular person to know how nice it looks in real life!

I love the cut of it and the buttons 100% do it for me, I love a skirt with buttons I just think it adds such a lovely touch of detail making it look so much more interesting! It is quite long one me but that’s pretty standard with a maxi because I’m only 5ft 3 (ish) but it just about clears the floor with a pair of Vans on so it’s long, but a wearable long. The cut down the middle is so flattering and adds such a lovely movement to the skirt allowing maximum swish which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Size wise I always find ASOS a bit hit and miss or maybe it’s because I don’t actually know what my size is these days because I’m so used to being a 6 or an 8 but those days are loooooong gone, haha. For reference, I got this in a 10 and it fits perfectly with enough room to tuck a jumper in, obvs. I did actually order a 12 to start with because I figured sizing up would be a better idea because the waistband is not stretchy at all and I didn’t want the button flying off and nutting someone in the forehead but the 12 was literally hanging off me so I’d say go for your true size in this one unless you want it to sit lower than your waist, which would be weird. Basically, go for your normal size.

I paired it with an old pink waffle jumper I had from Topshop which I also love because it was a touch too chilly still for a blouse or band tee which is what I will probably pair it with in the Summer because I basically live in band tees and Vans still like I’m still 16. I tucked the jumper in the front because I prefer how jumpers look when they’re half tucked in with skirts or anything high waisted come to think of it and I really love how it looks! I think a more neutral shade on top would look even nicer!

I also added a bit of Chanel lipstick and a little crystal touch to this outfit to make it, even more, “me”, in the shape of a little citrine pendant from a lovely little independent business – Rogue Gypsy but no earrings because last years incident with trying to stretch the one too quickly ended up getting infected and so I only have one pierced ear now, haha! Kind of gutted about that to be honest but I’m not brave enough to get it pierced again.

Happy Spring everyone!

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