March 16, 2019

DIY | Colour Sorting Play Tray Activity

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything to do with play trays but they are still going strong in our house and are still also one of the most played with things! We have had a couple of the same ones for a while, purely because Lily just loved them too much to switch them up quite yet so I have only been changing the one but I thought it was time our duck pond went and something new took its place. This colour sorting play tray activity is made using a bunch of regular household stuff that we all probably have knocking about somewhere. If you don’t have paint sample cards the coloured card or even coloured in bits of paper would also work!

What you’ll need:

Step One

Cut out a rectangle of card, I used an old Papergang box but you can use anything that’s sturdy.

Step Two

Cut out two little strips off of your paint samples and stick one to the card and one to a peg

Step Three

Use the pegs to help hold the glue in place and leave to dry.

That’s it!

I chose quite a range of shades for this particular one for Lily, she is really good with her colours so I added some less common ones in there to get her thinking and to expand her colour knowledge but you can simplify or complicate it more to fit your little one. I plan on making another for numbers too because she really loves this activity!

This is such a quick and easy play tray idea that will help our child practice a lot of different skills including colour sorting (obvs) but also their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It’s also super eco-friendly because all the materials are recycled and also recyclable. I have had so, so many paint sample cards floating around the place and didn’t really know what to do with them but I didn’t just want to chuck them so I’m pretty happy with this little DIY!

For more play ideas, see my 30 days of play post!

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