March 20, 2019

Electric Swing Gate vs Electric Sliding Gate: The Choice is Yours

If your front gates are about to be retired, you will no doubt jump at the opportunity to go electric, with two main designs; the traditional side hung gates that swing open internally, or the sliding gate, which can slide from right to left, or vice versa.

The Immediate Environment

The immediate area might determine which type of gate to use, as a driveway with limited space might not accommodate swinging gates. You must also look at the space on either side of the gates, and ask yourself, is there enough space to accommodate sliding gates? It does seem that electric sliding driveway gates are the most popular of the two designs, as they do not encroach on the driveway area when opened.

Professional Advice

When you search online for a local electric gate supplier, they would be happy to send an expert to your home, and he can advise you accordingly. Aside from aesthetics, there are practical considerations, such as the size and weight of the gates, and the supplier would make a recommendation based on what he can see.

Bespoke Solutions

There are no off the shelf solutions for electric gates, and the supplier would have many standard designs, both in timber and aluminium, plus a range of motor options to ensure smooth operation. Having the gates made to measure ensures a perfect fit, and once you are happy with the design and the price, the supplier would set about fabrication and an installation date would be set.

Faux Timber Finishes

Many homeowners love the look of timber but don’t want the maintenance that comes with it, and in such a case, timber grain aluminium is the perfect solution. The gates are in keeping with the property, and there’s no maintenance required, and there is also a range of powder-coated colours for aluminium gates. The supplier would have a set of finish samples for you to examine, and with his help, the right design can be agreed upon, and the measuring can begin.

Weight Considerations

The sliding gates can handle more weight that the swing variations, and if the area is large, sliding might be the best option. The type of motor you use should also be able to handle the weight of the gates, and with the supplier’s advice, you can’t go wrong with your choice of motor. A swinging gate would be more suited to a narrow driveway, as it does not require additional space on the side, and with the right rails embedded into the surface, you would have smooth operation.

The Installation

Unless you happen to an electric gate engineer, you should leave the installation to the experts, who love the challenge that comes with each new contract, and their wealth of hands-on experience ensures a smooth and trouble-free installation. The supplier would have no hesitation in issuing a long product warranty, which does give you added peace of mind.

Talk to your local electric gate supplier today and see what they can do for you.

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