March 4, 2019

Goals for March 2019

February was bloody weird. I have absolutely no idea what goals I set myself in January or if I ever set any but I’m almost 100% sure I’ve not achieved any of them. No wait, I think one of them was to complete Veganuary and I fucked that not even a week in, classic me. Anyway, here are a new set of things I want to work towards this month in the hope that I can dig myself out of this rut.

001. Go to bed earlier

Pretty much everyday I have good intentions and aim to go to bed at 10pm at the latest. While I do usually get into bed by this time I spend about 35 hours working after getting into bed. Since getting my Fitbit I have become more and more aware of my sleeping patterns and how shit they are basically. I get hardly any deep sleep and I’m pretty sure that’s why I never feel rested, ever. I’m hoping hitting the pillow earlier will allow my body more time to actually sleep. Although, it’s near 11 as I write this so LOL.

002. Bake more

This past month me and Lily have done quite a bit of baking. By me and Lily I mean I do the baking and Lily sits and raids my sprinkle collection. We have made pineapple upside-down cake (which she hated so much she made a song about it), dinosaur cookies which were a hit, dinosaur cupcakes (see a theme there?), chocolate chip cupcakes and we have some books we picked up from the library and ingredients waiting to become yet another cake.

004. Take more time out

No one probably noticed but I took a bit of time off at the end of last month. I think I needed it given the fact that I haven’t really not put pressure on myself to get posts out in a long time and although it was a piss poor attempt at a break because I still did bits here and there it was better than nothing and I need to do this more often to refuel I think.

005. Read more

After putting aside more time to read I ended up using that time for other shit, typical Mum fail really but I have a couple of books ready to go on Audible, All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven and Close To Home by Cara Hunter for those wondering and I really want to get stuck in because I keep hearing amazing things about both of these! My to be read pile is creeping higher and higher too and Marie Kondo would bloody hate me tbh.

006. Be proactive about my mental health

I have always had mental illnesses at the forefront of my life and for years now I’ve just felt like I am constantly always either having a panic attack, avoiding things that cause me anxiety or trying to distract myself from anxiety of some sort and I can’t fucking deal with that shit anymore so I basically lost my shit at my doctor (not in a wildly violent way, more a breakdown “I can’t fucking cope anymore” way) and she prescribed me some stuff. My being proactive is to get my shit together enough to take my meds and see my doctor and not let my mental health slip down the list of my priorities anymore.

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