March 31, 2019

My Spring Lipstick Picks.

So we have had about a week of Spring and I am already well and truly there for it. I love the sun, the buds bursting the flowers blossoming the birds singing, all of it, 100% there. Everyone seems super hyped to be doing Spring cleaning and while I do love cleaning, it’s a make up declutter I’ve been in desperate need of. It’s not too long ago that I sorted through everything and put them carefully back into my drawer sectioned off with plastic dividers. It really was a piece of art how tidy it was, Marie Kondo would have been proud. For about 3 weeks. Last week I cleaned my make up brushes for the first time in an embarassingly long while and because I’ve been reaching (digging out) my Spring/Summer make up I thought I’d tackle it all and I’ve been loving it so I thought I’d share some of my favourite rediscovered lipstick picks for Spring!

My Spring Lipstick Picks.

|| Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

I’ve written so, so much about Pillow Talk on my blog before! Mainly because I fucking love it. For those who don’t already own this lipstick, it’s a beautiful nude rose with a matte finish. Now I don’t normally get on with a matte lipstick, I find it really drying and just quite uncomfortably to wear but this is about the only matte lipstick that my lips like. It doesn’t feel dry, it doesn’t the gross cakey thing that matte lipsticks do when it’s reapplied and it doesn’t leave my lips feeling sore after wearing it.

|| MAC Shy Girl

MAC Shy Girl is like a 90s throwback in lipstick form! It’s a MAC creamsheen which is one of my all time favourites lipstick finishes, it’s so so flattering on the lip and I just love it basically. Shy Girl is a golden peachy nude which looks amazing with a bit of a tan. This is the shade I always tend to go for if I’m not sure what I want because it’s so versatile! I love wearing this with band tees, Mom jeans and Vans because I love how “toned down rock chick” it is.

|| MAC Hue

If someone were to ask me what my favourite nude was I’d probably have to say MAC Hue. It’s been a huge fave of mine for many years now, I just think it’s so flattering, especially if you’re very pale like me. I normally find nudey nudes really orange and they just look weird on me but Hue is the perfect nude for ghostly white people in my opinion. I love how buildable it is because I’m not really a fan of going full nude these days, it’s not the era of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse anymore. I tend to layer this on top of lip balm to give a very sheer nude which I absolutely love for Spring (and Summer actually!) It looks so lovely with some highlight on the cupids bow. Fave all round this one!

|| Chanel Rose Dentelle

Last but not least we have Chanel Rouge Coco in Rose Dentelle which is probably the poshest lipstick I own. I actually bought this thinking it was going to me much lighter but I ended up loving this even more! It’s such a lovely “your lips but better” rosey pink that gives your lips that little Spring “pop” to them. The formula is creamy yet the finish it a bit of a strange one for me; it’s not quite glossy but it’s not matte and also not really your average satin finish either but it does have a sheen to it which leaves your lips looking that little bit fuller and I find myself reaching for this whenever I want something with a bit more colour whilst still being natural.

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