March 17, 2019

Things I’ve Learned About Being A Work At Home Mum

It’s around about a year since I took the plunge and turned my blog into a business. Something that I never really thought could or would ever happen. I started this blog way back in 2011 as a hobby, I never dreamt that it could become my job and I cannot put into words how grateful I am for such a dream job. I love blogging and there are more pros than cons although it’s hard, really hard sometimes to keep all the plates spinning I thought it’d be interesting to sit down and have a chat about the things I’ve learned over the past year or so of being a blogger.

The Pros And Cons Of Being A Work At Home Mum


Your pay check relies on technology

I think everyone who’s ever picked up a piece of tech knows that it’s preeetty temperamental at the best of times. Things like good anti-virus software or making sure your system is up to date at all times is a must when you’re relying on it to get you paid, I say as I click “remind me tomorrow” for the 56th time in a row…

As bloggers, we rely on our computers to send emails, write blog posts, create our media kits, edit photos, everything basically. Getting smaller repairs fixed before they become bigger repairs is also a good shout as well as making sure the pieces of technology you need on a daily basis are insured. Particularly for accidental damage if you have kids, haha! I’ve managed to succesfully operate on my Macbook myself a couple of times but it was touch and go let’s just say that.

Another thing to consider is making your devices as anti-theft as you possibly can, Seareach are specialists in security printing and make things like asset labels which make things harder to be nicked successfully basically. They have toughened asset labels too which are basically super hard to get off meaning thieves will find themselves in a sticky situation if they try and sell on your stuff. This labelling service is also used by lots of big businesses including the NHS and a whole bunch of others. It makes taking work equipement home a lot more secure too so even if you aren’t self employed like me, this would work brilliantly for buisinesses wanting to let their staff work from home.

Time management is hard

Working from home when you have kids is not a walk in the park. Working from home when you have the kids with you is definitely not a walk in the park. Working from how when you have the kids with you 24/7 and you home educate them too is a pretty lonely ball game. I know everyone has their own struggles but for me, it was finding a minute to myself in between cooking, cleaning, home educating an 8-year-old, entertaining a 3-year-old, keeping up with clubs and about 70 million other plates I have spinning leaves very little time for sleep let alone me time. I used to try and do it all at once throughout the day but I felt like I was drowning basically so I’ve implemented a rule where I only work once the kids are in bed. It also means I don’t get to sleep until about 1 am but I’m still trying to find the right groove.

The time guilt is real

While I have started to be more strict with when I sit down and write, things like photography can’t wait until night time so I do have to fit that into my daytime schedule which eats up a lot of time. Time that I could have been cleaning, or cooking something that’s not out of a box or playing with the kids. But things like this can’t be helped but I have to keep reminding myself of this. I am going to start assigning certain days to photography and set up a big ass tuff tray spot for the girls to play with whilst I do it or something although I’m not sure if that would be more of a headache, haha.

Fitting in sleep is difficult

Going back to what I mentioned earlier about time management when you have kids and you work from home it’s very easy to end up with no time to work so to compensate for this we often sacrifice our sleep. I know it’s pretty rich for me to say that because as I write this it’s stupid o’clock at night and I know I’m not going to sleep anywhere near soon but listen to what I say, and not what I do is all I can say, haha.


It’s ok to take time off to suit you

It’s difficult to time manage when you work for yourself, I often find myself trying to do bits on here every day and realistically, I don’t need to. I can have days off, I can schedule a load of stuff to go live throughout the week and take a week off. That’s okay. Recently I’ve been struggling with my mental health so I took some time off, now this was really hard because I felt like if I didn’t write anything for a week or whatever that all my hard work would be lost. It wasn’t, obviously, and I felt so much better for it.

You get to design our own office space

For a long time I worked from the kitchen table, the sofa, wherever but last year I invested in an actual desk and it’s been so much better for my productivity. Of course I still find myself in bed with my laptop in the evenings or on bad pain days but having my own desk is one of the best things I’ve invested in for my business. I edit and draw there and it’s just so nice to have my own space!


Being your own boss or working from home means you can be somewhat more flexible, espeically if you’re self employed. Now I don’t mean you get to sack off work completely to go shopping or whatever but if you have appointments, family trips out, etc then it’s a lot easier to fit around work. You may have to stay up until the small hours to catch up but more family time is a huge ass pro in my opinion!

If you’re after some tips for work at home Mums then do have a look at my post all about making working at home a little bit easier.

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