March 27, 2019

Why the Italian island of Sicily is high on my 2019 family holiday list.

One of my favourite things that I have put together so far this year is my 2019 family holiday list. I have always loved the idea of traveling and love going places with my family, and creating memories that will last a lifetime is so special to me.

High on my list for this year is the island of Sicily.

Apart from the fact that the water is crystal clear, the landscapes are breath-taking, the people are friendly, and the food is delicious, Sicily is all around the perfect place to visit with family and young children. Family is an important value in Sicilian culture, and being somewhere with little ones where people are patient, understanding, and join in on family fun makes a holiday that much more enjoyable.

Another wonderful reason to visit Sicily is surprisingly, the affordability. When I imagine a dreamy location like this island, I wouldn’t expect prices to be so fair! It is possible, and highly recommended by many to rent a beachfront villa in Sicily. Surprisingly, the prices are fair and can be even more affordable than multiple rooms elsewhere, and this way you get the privacy and space for your family to feel at home. A great tool to resort to that I have found helpful for accommodation purposes is WishSicily, a website where you can check out all of the villas available in 2019 for your family holiday in Sicily.

Now, when it comes to what to do on holiday, I like to have a few ideas of activities so that time spent on holiday isn’t spent asking or looking up what to do while there.

During my holiday in Sicily, here are a few activities I would love to do:

>> Pack a picnic and take a cable car up Mount Etna. I love lunch with a view and I know my kids would love taking the cable car.

>> Take a chocolate-making class in Modica. Chocolate, with the option of pistachio add-ins. Need I say more?!

>> Visit the village of Cefalù and ‘climb’ La Rocca

>> See the Greek theatre and go to the beach in Taormina. Taormina is a picturesque and luxurious city perched on top of a hill. Here, you get good views of both the sea and Mount Etna, and walking around the city would be a real treat. I imagine us all getting gelato and strolling around the city, absorbing the views at every turn.

>> Take a boat out and visit the Aeolian Islands. One of my favourite ways to take in the views of an island is from the water. The Aeolian Islands are to the north of Sicily and are comprised of 7 islands. I would love to visit the volcano, named Stromboli, and I know Ben and I would slip into pure (well needed) relaxation with a visit to the sulphur lake on the Island of Vulcano. Bonus: The sulphur waters are medicinal and not too deep, so we would feel comfortable bringing Lily and Eloise in.

>> Explore the Valley of the Temples. The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an absolute must-see. Talk about history! Eloise would be in her element there being the little history nerd she is!

I have been dreaming of going to Sicily for quite some time now. This is the year we making it happen *fingers crossed*, and the goal is to get there as soon as possible!

*This post is written in collaboration with Emily Jones

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