April 24, 2019

ALDI Baby + Toddler Event.

Aldi has only gone and done it again with the amazing baby and toddler bargains! Their Baby + Toddler event is online now and in store tomorrow (25th April 2019)!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you’ll have probably seen my last post about their Baby + Toddler Event last year and how much we just bloody love a good Aldi shop. Well, I love a good Aldi shop, Ben on the other hand frequently loses the will to live whenever I say we are going there because I get a liiiiittle bit carried away with the aisles of random shit and could happily walk out of there with a new power drill, a tonne of wool, 6 new toddler cutlery sets, all the candles, halloumi fries (if I ever find them), a new saucepan set I don’t need, a new spray mop, 6 different kitchen utensils, a new lawn mower, a giant inflatable and 9 boxes of those little hazelnut chocolate bars that are actually heaven in your mouth.

My top picks:

Kirkton House Body Pillow


OMG. Honestly, where has this been all my life because it’s like sleeping with a cloud. I always thought these sorts of pillow were more for when you’re pregnant because they definitely are a lifesaver with SPD and things and I kind of just stopped using my pregnancy pillow after I’d had Lily and now I’m massively regretting it because these things are so bloody comfy even if you aren’t sporting a bump!

Nuby Sure Grip Mat


I love these types of plates, especially for weaning because they’re so much harder for your baby to dump the contents of the entire plate on the floor which is always a bonus. These are super secure and also super cute!

Rainbow Toddler Duvet Set


I love Aldi’s bed sets for kids, they’re so cheap but really good quality for the price! This year they have rainbow print ones which I am definitely going to be hunting for because Lily is a rainbow baby after all. I just think this little set is so beautiful!

Rainbow Baby Sleeping Bag 1.5 tog


For smaller babes, this sleeping bag would be perfect to get that rainbow fix. I loved sleeping bags when my two were tiny and I’m a little bit tempted to buy this and store it for the next baby (whenever we are ready to brave the night feeds again, haha!) In fact I’m kind of tempted to buy the entire rainbow range because they have bibs and muslins too and I am a little bit obsessed.

Unicorn Muslin Cloths


Aldi muslin cloths are an absolute steal with their super cute patterns at for under a few quid. Normally for that kind of price you can get plain ones at best but these unicorn ones are so lovely! If you’re little one is too big for muslins then why not grab a pack for make shift head wraps to keep little heads protected from the sun?

Children’s Easy grip Cutlery


I always grab a pack of cutlery during the baby events, they’re such great quality and so cheap! These have nice chunky handles making them perfect for little hands, especially for those first meals using cutlery or even for baby led weaning!

Nuby Wooden Elephant Pull Along Toy


We love love love wooden toys but a lot of the time they are just really costly, while they really do last a long time and look beautiful sometimes they’re just that little bit too expensive. This little elephant is under a fiver. I repeat this wooden toy is under a fiver. It is so lovely too! Definitely keeping my eye out for this one!

Bambino Mio Reusable Nappies


These nappies are cracking! They are super easy to put on and wash really well all whilst saving the environment from disposable nappies! If everyone bought one reusable nappy and used it in rotation with normal disposables that would end up being a lot of nappies saved from landfill and at under a tenner, these nappies are one the affordable side and I urge you to give them a go if you can!

Mamia Range

The Mamia range is also full of fantastic products that won’t break the bank with things like baby food pouches for a fraction of the price of competitors along with nappies which are the cheapest on the market (or at least that I’ve seen!), and snacks from as little as 34p! This range really has it all at the fraction of the cost with no quality difference! We love the snacks and toiletries!

Are you heading down to Aldi tomorrow? What do you have your eye on!?

~Contains gifted items~

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