April 3, 2019

April Goals.

Can we just stop a second and talk about how quickly this year is going already?! Is this an adult thing because I swear ever since I hit like 21 the years have literally flown by, can’t cope. Saying that however, March has dragged by a little bit, mainly because it’s been a bit shit to be honest but more on that another time because I feel like talking about my mental health in this introduction paragraph would make it more of an introduction novel and no one wants that but maybe I will write a post about it. Or maybe not. I guess we will never know.

Anyway, on to the whole point of this post; April goals! I have literally no idea what my goals for last month were, I am so bad, so I’m going to have to quickly have a read now to refresh my mind and hope that by some miracle I’ve achieved at least one without even knowing it or this will be the second month I’ve ticked off a grand total of naff all with my goals. Not good guys, not good.

Okay so I’ve had a quick read over my March Goals and actually, I did manage to tick off one of them. The one I ticked off, sort of, was the last which was to be proactive about my mental health which I defintely kind of have this month. To condense it I spoke to my doctor, self referred to IAPT, had my assessment for them to be like “soz hun your mental health issues are too complicated for us bye” so they referred me to secondary care and now I have an appointment for another super fun (sarcasm) assessment in May. Again though, more on that in another post.

April Goals

|| Cook more

Now I obviously cook every day but I’m getting super lazy with things and have been finding it really difficult to find the motivation to cook anything particularly “different” for a while now and have been stuck in this boring rut of doing the same meals every week. I always go for the most simple things because I just haven’t had the mental energy to cook anything outside my normal go to’s from scratch every day but I really want to try and change that this month. I’m still not really feeling like myself but I feel like I have a bit more energy lately so I want to give some of the amazing looking recipes on my various million Pinterest food boards a go and maybe even drag my slow cooker back out.

|| Do more simple self care

The past week I have fake tanned, done my nails and shaved my legs and these things are things I just don’t bother doing when I’m feeling shitty and I tell you what, I feel so much better for it. These small things obviously don’t cure whatever is going on but just little acts of self care really help to make me feel better about myself and I want to make a marked effort to do more this month.

|| Start birthday shopping for Eloise

Eloise is 9 years old at the beginning of May and I’m kind of panicking that I’ve left it this late to start sorting what I’m going to get her for her birthday. Probably because of the actual state of shock I’m in at the fact she is a month off 9. How. Did. That. Happen!? I have a few ideas of what things she wants but she’s at the awkward age where it’s not toys she wants anymore really. I think a FitBit Ace is up there with the things she wants most along with anything and everything Harry Potter, haha!

|| Up-cycle more things

The good weather is fuelling me up for more up-cycling projects and my head (and Pinterest) is swimming with so many ideas I have for the house and garden. I have a pot of paint I’m not feeling which I *think* I can return to B&Q and trade it in for a different shade. Good old Valspar always got my back. Anyway, yeh, that’s on my to-do list so then I can finally start painting things a different colour because we have a whole lot of super light pink shit in our house now not gunna lie.

*Mentions gifted items

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