April 25, 2019

April Reflections.

April has been a funny one, we had a quick fake Summer which I missed entirely because I had some kind of cold thing plus a fucked up wisdom tooth (which by the way, are pointless af. I’m 28, I don’t need any more teeth and certainly not ones that don’t fit in my bloody mouth) then obviously dealing with the kids having the said cold too (they gave it to me, obvs) and somehow 2 weeks of the month were wasted by snot, fevers and emergency dentists.


I don’t feel like I’ve achieved a whole lot this month as such, I guess thats why I include this section of the post so I really have to think and appriciate that actually, I probably have achieved stuff that I would have ordinarily just forgotten about.

|| Planted more things

I have been really trying to be more conscious about my footprint on the Earth and although there are lots of ways I need to improve on and I am trying with them, one of the things I’ve been really trying to do is “give back” to the planet and what better way than by planting lots of things to help the environment. I’m talking flowering plants for bees and birds alike. This month I’ve planted a jasmine plant which I can’t wait to take hold and fill my garden full of it’s beautiful scent.

|| Struck gold on local selling sites

I am trying to buy less shit I don’t need and try and buy things second hand, particularly furniture. I love vintage style solid wood furniture and luckily for me, most other people don’t it seems because it’s always on local selling sites super cheap. This month I picked up the most beautiful 60s solid wooden dressing table for £20. It’s stunning and I love it so much.

|| Went child-free shopping

Granted, the only reason we were child-free was because my wisdom tooth decided to be a bitch on a bank holiday so I had to see the emergency dentist but minus that it was actually quite nice to be out with Ben on our own for probably the 3rd time ever.

|| Made more time for me

This month has been an anxious one although less so than March but still markedly more anxious than normal so I have been trying (And succeeding) in making more time for myself to try and relax/distract myself from, well, myself.

Last months goals:

001. Cook more – Now this kind of happened, then I got ill and then it didn’t happen and we lived on beige for a bit.

002. Do more simple self-care – Also kinda happened and by happened I mean I did a few face masks and pore strips as well as painting my nails so not a great deal but still more than I would do normally.

003. Start birthday shopping for Eloise – Obvs happened because her birthday is super close now so if I hadn’t done this I’d be mightly screwed right now. There are still a few last bits I want to grab but I think I’m mostly done…Hopefully.

004. Up-cycle more things – This didn’t really happen because the only time I could paint anything outside (during the fake summer) I was ill so up-cycling was probably one of the last things I could be arsed to do.

To read last months full “goals” post click here.

I’m in the process of writing up my goals for May although I’m feeling super unmotivated so they may not be up for a while knowing me, haha. Maybe finding some motivation should be one of my goals, awks.

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