April 24, 2019

How To Enjoy The Perfect British Holiday.


When you’re trying to create a lifestyle that you love, travel will quite often be a huge part of that. Because we live in such a beautiful country and getting out there to explore it all more often is always going to add to your life. Whether it’s trying new restaurants, traveling, or relaxing, you’re definitely going to want to plan activities that will make your lifestyle even better. Yet, more often than not, you may find that you think about heading abroad and trying to explore the world. But why do that when you’ve yet to enjoy as much of the UK as possible? Sometimes, you just can’t beat an old-fashioned British holiday! Let’s take a look at what you can do to enjoy a great holiday in the UK.

Pick A Seaside Town

To start with, you need to pick the place that you want to go. And this can be a tough one – because there are many gorgeous seaside towns in the UK. But, if you have somewhere near to you, that’s just a short drive away, this is quite often the best place for you to start. But do you research and work out where you want to go.

B&B Or Cottage?

And then, you can workout where you’re going to stay. Do you want to stay in a B&B so that you can get breakfast included, and everything is cared for on your behalf? Or, would you rather rent a self catering cottage for the period and please yourself during the holiday?


Have A Plan

Next up, you might want to have a bit of a plan of what you’re going to do here. Because you’ll want to ensure you make the most of the time you have, and not just be twiddling your thumbs each morning. So take a look at what there is to do, and work out what sights or attractions you want to see.

Take The Dog

Now, one of the best things about being able to go away in the UK, is that you can take your dog with you. Most holiday cottages will allow dogs. You can take them on the beach and to pubs. But if you are going to do this, you may need to find a strong dog cage for the journey and the accommodation. That way, you can keep them in the crate if you do pop out for a nice meal without them, and you won’t have to worry about them messing up the cottage.

Be Present & Enjoy

And then, last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you’re as present as possible. Because in this day and age, it’s all too easy for you to be in your head, or engaged in other activities (especially on your phone or on social media). Yet, this isn’t going to allow you to have the best time. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re as present as possible, so that you can enjoy your time. So focus on making memories together as a family.

~This is a collaborative post~

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