April 12, 2019

Self-Care On Social Media.

TW: Mentions EDs

Now whenever someone talks about self care a lot of our first thoughts drift towards things like face masks, bubble baths or getting your nails done and while these are all well and good and certainly do have their place in the whole self-care world without a doubt I can’t help but feel a lot of us are missing probably one of the most important areas of self-care when it comes to our every day lives. I think most people spend a lot of time on their phones, I mean I’m guessing you do seeing as you have probably stumbled across this post from having seen me post about it on social media so forgive me for my assumptions but I’m guessing a lot fo us here do spend a large chunk of our time scrolling through the same three apps.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to hide away from social media in general which is definitely a difficult thing to do when your job is based around it but there are areas we can all make an effort to work on to make sure we are looking after ourselves in the real world as well as this digital world we all have living in our phones or laptop screens.

Self-Care on Social Media.

Unfollow, block, repeat: You don’t owe anybody anything. Remember that. If there is something online that is not serving you then you are allowed to unfollow, mute, hide, block, etc. You don’t need to apologise, you don’t even need to tell the person you can just mute them. Vamoosh.

If you find something triggering, unfollow: If someone is posting things you find triggering, don’t feel like you have to engage with that content. Even if that person is a good friend, it’s ok to choose not to see that content on social media. You can block words from appearing on your timeline on twitter, you can mute certain accounts if you’re worried they might notice if you unfollow and you can hide people on Instagram too.

Be mindful of what might be triggering and warn accordingly: I normally hide people if they are talking about dieting a lot as this is something I find very triggering having suffered from EDs in the past and the diet culture recently has been low key really triggering me. Not even just weight loss chat but lifestyles for example, I tried to do Veganuary and ended up so triggered by the restrictions I quit after a few days. I find some vegan accounts very triggering too, the pushy ones that dish out guilt and tar everyone with the same extremist brush which is a shame. Like, I’ve spent a good 20 years trying to improve my relationship with food I don’t need guilt trips or numbers everywhere I look online thx huns.

Just be mindful of others where you can, example – if I ever post things like my Fitbit stats or whatever on social media outside Fitbit I always cover over the calories because that would trigger me if I saw that on someone else’s feed randomly but most people wouldn’t even think to do that because it’s never affected them. New Year is always a bad time for that shit and the run up to Summer. I always try and bear that in mind and mute accordingly, especially people promoting extremely unhealthy diets etc because no. Be the change you want to see.

Don’t rely on other people to use trigger warnings: Now the last point brings me to this one; it’s nearly impossible to trigger warning to cover everything ever but I try and cover the more common things or things that would trigger me when I can but generally, most people don’t. If you follow someone who posts a lot of triggering things without warning, even if it is about their own struggles you can unfollow if it’s hurting your mental health. Don’t feel like you need to go out of your way to help or comment when you are then putting yourself into a position that is damaging your health. If you can’t cope with it right now, then say no. It’s ok.

Don’t feed the trolls: The internet is full of amazing people but likewise, it is a breeding ground for a lot of cunts. Block those bitches ASAP.

Don’t get caught up in the numbers: I think we are all guilty of this even if we don’t admit it but it can be very disheartening when you post a photo you are incredibly proud of and like 10 people like it. I know msot of you blogger types will be able to relate to that one but we are all worth so, so much more than that follower count. Promise.

It’s ok to take time off: Even if you’re in the same boat as me it’s still ok to take time off. If you’re worried about content not going out then schedule for a while so you can breathe. You don’t owe people anything and you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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