April 17, 2019

Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Imagination.

The importance of nurturing children’s’ imaginations are often overlooked, I think a lot of us expect kids to get on with it themselves and in a lot of ways, they really will but helping encourage their fantastic imaginations throughout their childhood will help those amazing ideas flow later in life!

Kinder Surprise have teamed up with child developmental psychologist Dr Shona Goodall to illustrate why sparking kids’ imaginations through imaginative play is so important to their cognitive growth and social learning abilities. Shona is a lecturer at the University of Sheffield, a clinical psychologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and a resident psychologist on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Four and Five Year Olds which we have all probably seen because it’s fantastic!

Teamed up alongside three parenting influencers, Shona is part of an brillaint new panel called the Kinder Collective, offering insights, game ideas and top tips on how to keep your kids entertained away from screens and through building imaginary worlds throughout Easter and beyond.

For more of Dr Shona Goodall’s top tips for sparking your little ones imagination, click here.

Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Imagination.

Open Ended Toys

We are a big fan of open-ended toys in this house, things like the Grimms Rainbow, natural wooden blocks, peg dolls, train sets and pebbles – All of these types of toys really get those little cogs turning as they make their play into their own. While structured toys definitely have their place, open-ended ones definitely give your child that little extra room to really let their imagination go wild.


There is nothing better than picking up a fantastic book and letting your imagination create this whole new world around you as you take the words in. Reading is a gift for life and encouraging your child to immerse themselves in the world of literature will guarantee to nurture their little imaginations tenfold.

The Outdoors

Getting children up and outside is not only good for their physical health (a bit of fresh air does the world of good!), but also for their imagination. There are so many adventures waiting to be had in the big wide world I certainly remember spending most of my childhood outside creating games in the garden so unplug those iPads and get outside!

Creative Writing

Encouraging your child to put their imaginations to paper is a great way to help keep that imaginitive spark flowing as they get older. Who knows, they could be the next best selling author? For tips on getting your kids enjoying creative writing and making it more fun, you can check out my blog post here!

For more ideas check out the downloadable pdf guide from Kinder here and don’t forget to share your ideas using the hashtags #Kindercollective #sparkimagination and #treatfortheimagination!

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