May 15, 2019

10 Breakfast Ideas For Under £1

Ah breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Ready to fill our kids with the energy they need at school, to learn or just generally be feral all day everyday. I find breakfast the most difficult to be creative with and get stuck in plain toast ruts a lot and after a night with a toddler kicking you in the tit every hour or so I just don’t have the energy to be arsed most days and most quick options tend to be quite pricey. We have been without our bank card twice in as many weeks thanks to people (assholes) using our card fraudulently which has left us with drained bank accounts and waits for new cards and money to be refunded so we have been very streched for cash because we rarely keep physical money on us so rely on that bit of plastic every day. Anyway, here are a few ideas to help stretch the cash when you’re in a pinch!

overnight oats

Overnight oats is a classic, quick, healthy, filling breakfast. Oats have a bunch of slow release energy and you can chuck any old fruit in there for added vitamins and minerals. Even Nutella if you have a fussy kid because oats are better than biscuits for breakfast, right? You can pick up a huge bag of oast for under a pound in most supermarkets, natural yoghurt can be bought for about 45p and a handful of frozen fruit making a portion of this breakfast well under a pound.

banana, honey + oat breakfast muffins

These are great to have in some Tupperware for days you can’t be arsed or want something on-the-go. They’re super quick and easy to make with even the remnants of the cupboard the day before the food shop is due. The milk can be substituted for plant milk or whatever milk you like and the honey can be left out altogether if you are vegan.

Recipe here

weetabix + fruit

A boring one but a classic, especially if you’re stretched for cash. You can buy weetabix for as little as a quid if you aren’t fussed about brand names and in fact, I think I prefer the Tesco value ones over the branded ones (mainly because they cost the best part of a fiver less, haha). You can add whatever fruit you like, in season fruit is normally the cheapest but my personal favourite is the good old banana. Strawberries and raspberries come in a good second but really you can add anything. Frozen fruit works out a lot cheaper than fresh fruit and it last a lot longer too.


Smoothies are a huge hit in this house, they’re great for getting extra vitamins and minerals into fussy kids and can be super cheap to make yourself. We love an Innocent smoothie in this house but when they’re not on offer they can soon create a big dent in the shopping budget so making your own is a great way to save those pennies.

smoothie bowl

Same idea as a smoothie, but in a bowl. You can go all out and make it fancy on top with a bit of banana, seeds, blueberries, anything you have in the cupboards and there you have it! These are great for kids who won’t drink smoothies because the novelty of it being in a bowl is obviously more fun. You can also add a bit of frozen banana in the Summer to make it a smoothie/sorbet type hybrid (ok I need to work on the name) which the kids will love!

bacon sandwich

Bacon is pretty cheap, even in supermarkets if you’re not wanting some super fancy stuff but the best value is with local butchers. A couple of places near me do huge catering packs of bacon for a few quid which would last ages! A couple of slices of bread and some butter and boom, best breakfast ever. If real bacon isn’t your jam then Tesco sells their own meat-free bacon which is normally included in a multibuy offer with their other own brand meat-free bits.

boiled egg and soilders

The king of all kids breakfasts or atleast it was when I was a kid. It’s also super cheap and cheerful and it’s the kind of breakfast that’ll make you feel like you have your shit together. Winner all round.


You can make this as simple or as fancy as you like, it doesn’t take much in terms of cost or effort to jazz up a bit of toast! Here are a few topping ideas that will mix things up a bit and keep breakfast interesting:

– marmite + avocado
– peanut butter + banana
– nutella (or off-brand hazelnut and chocolate spread for an even cheaper cost per portion)
– mushrooms + garlic
– jam
– scrambled egg
– beans
– fried tomatoes

french toast

I know, I know this is technically still toasted but I hope we all agree here that french toast is the top tier of all toast. It’s got eggs in to add just that little bit more goodness into the kids before a long day of mixing Play-Doh colours and having tantrums (which takes up a lot of energy btw).


Porridge oats cost pennies for a good sized bag that will last for ages. Plain porridge is super nice in my opinion but it can be jazzed up really easily and for not much money. A spoon full of jam, a handful of fruit, banana or peanut butter is enough to make it more appealing for kids.

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