May 23, 2019

50 Things I Like A Lot.

I have kind of got stuck in a writing rut lately, we’ve had a bunch of negative shit thrown our way lately and we’ve been trying hard not to let it all get on top of us and focusing on other stuff which proves difficult at times because you know, some stuff is negative whatever way you look at it. I kind of don’t get this “positive vibes” mentality online, no one is happy 100% of the time and not everything is sunshine and rainbows and I just don’t get why people try so damn hard to only ever be positive or even go as far as apologising for being negative, what the hell? Some shit is shit and that’s ok. Anyway, to balance the negative shit out here is a list of stuff I like, enjoy!


001. eating breakfast in the garden on an early, bright sunny morning

002. netflix (mainly Jane the Virgin, Line of Duty and Santa Clarita Diet atm)

003. birds chirping in the evenings (we have a couple of blue tits nesting in our bird box and they’re both currently flying in and out with caterpilalrs for their babies and it’s hoenstly the best thing ever right now)

004. a good korma – we had a good old quorn korma earlier and it was so nice. I put off trying a korma for ages because I thought it would be shit because it’s not “hot” but I was 100% missing out!

005. easter egg chocolate

006. audio books

007. badedas shower gel – the best smell ever

008. fresh bed sheets after a shower

009. food delivery day

010. waking up early in the Summer (but only if I got a semi-decent amount of sleep otherwise no thanks)

011. victoria sponge cake

012. crisp towels straight of the line

013. summer rain

014. garlic and herb bruschetta – the 99p stuff from Aldi is the actual best

015. a good Lush bath – Twilight, Creamy Candy, The Comforter, the good old ones (Lush if you’re reading this, plz bring back Space Girl, Happy Blooming and The Enchanter thx)

016. the smell of the night

017. billy bear ham slices – is it ham? I have no idea but I had this in my sandwiches as a kid much to my Mums disgust.

018. a great smelling fabric conditioner – Comfort strawberry and lily or the yellow one are my faves

019. mcdonald’s iced mocha

020. severus snape – it makes me sad everytime I see him in the films. He was 100% misunderstood and I just want to hug him tbh.

021. new plants

022. the sound of a storm

023. cats

024. egg sandwiches – love an egg sandwich

025. rattan furniture

026. fresh flowers – peonies, ranunculus, lillies, blue moon roses, sunflowers and stocks are my faves.

027. asda mini carrot cakes

028. 60s furniture – basically any vintage furniture I probably love. I have the most beautiful vintage dresser I paid £20 for off Facebook and Eloise has a brilliant old wardrobe that cost a fiver. I want to fill my home with interesting, old furniture with character.

029. nachos

030. zelda breath of the wild

031. palmers cocoa butter

032. a quorn roast dinner

033. magnolia trees

034. porridge with a pinch of salt

035. smash – I could eat this stuff all day everyday. I chuck in a load of cheese, some butter, a sprinkling of aromat and a side of mayo to dip it in. Written down that sounds absolutely disgusting but it’s actually amazing.

036. crochet

037. beautiful sunsets

038. pineapple upsidedown cake – also cheese and pineapple sticks and ham and pineapple pizza but McDonalds pineapple and mango smoothies is shite.

039. when Ben plays with my hair

040. getting into a hot bath when it’s really cold

041. when people agree that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the best book in the series

042. when a sunset shines pinky orange light into my bedroom in the evenings

043. disney films on loop

044. robinsons orange and pineapple squash

045. skyrim 5eva

046. The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger

047. sitting outside undercover during a thunder storm

048. vinyl records

049. Doctor Who – specifically David Tennant

050. the smell of baby bath time stuff

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