May 20, 2019

Learning Through Play | Colour Recognition Activities

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about toddler play ideas so I thought it would be good to put together a little post with some great activities for colour recognition. Both my girls got their colours down pretty early on and Lily could recognise her colours before she could even talk so I like to think these activities helped her along a bit! I thought I’d share a small collection of activities we have done specifically centered around colour exploration.

A Colour of His Own – Activity Tray

reading skills | colour recognition | word\letter recognition

I have featured this little tray on here before when I wrote all about a collection of play tray ideas earlier this year. I can’t take credit for this idea because I was actually inspired by some trays I’d seen a few people do on Pinterest but the idea is you cut a little chameleon out of a sheet of plastic (I bought an a4 sheet off eBay for about 99p) and then your little one can hold him up to various colours and patterns and “change” his appearance. This activity is great for colour recognition as well as exploring patterns too. I have put a little collection of colours cellophane, scrap wrapping paper and some silk scarves in Lily’s play tray and she loves it! You can rotate the colour collection to keep things interesting and further expand your child’s colour knowledge as they learn them. These props all go along with the little book which is also fantastic for colour recognition too!

Colour Sorting Pegs

fine motor skills | colour matching | colour recognition | problem solving

I wrote up a tutorial on here with a how-to guide on making this colour sorting play tray activity for your little ones. This is a great on to fit into play trays, which is what we do and it was made entirely out of recycled bits and bobs I had around the house! Not only does it help toddlers develop their pincer grip as well as other fine motor skills but it helps problem-solving and will get them recognising and matching colours in no time! This is a great one for children who already know their primary colours as you can add a lot more variation into the mix. A great one for older toddlers!

Little Coloured Windows

colour recognition | colour mixing | shape recognition

I remember using sweet wrappers as glasses as a kid, totally fascinated how they changed the colour of the world around me so this activity is a little bit of nostalgia for you! For this, I used empty cereal boxes and cut them into little windows. I then filled the windows with some coloured cellophane and secured it at the back with some tape. This took hardly any time to create and little ones find it thrilling being able to create a rainbow all around themselves! This activity is also great for non-messy colour mixing, children can overlap the windows and create secondary colours too as well as throwing some shape recognition in there too if you cut the windows into certain shapes.

Colour Coded Fishing

colour matching | gross motor skills | fine motor skills

This is an activity perfect for these upcoming Summer days int he paddling pool. All you need for it is a fishing net and some a4 sheets of coloured foam. Cut the foam into fish shapes and pop them into the water and get your little one to use the net to catch the fish! This activity is also great for learning numbers and letters too! Lily loved doing this last year so it’s definitely one I will be setting up once the sun decides to show its faces again!

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