May 29, 2019

May 2019 Reflections.

May has been the month of financial frauds, flowers and probably other f’s too. At the very end of April we got fucked over by some fraudsters (cunts) who had somehow acquired my bank details and near drained the bastard using Deliveroo of all things. This then happened ago literally a week later so I’ve been without my card for the whole of May basically because my bank are assholes and also Deliveroo are assholes and the fraudsters are mega assholes.

Anyway. enough assholes and more stuff about what this blog post topic is meant to be…

last months goals

Make a Hedwig cake for Eloise’s birthday – smashed it! Eloise was so pleased and it tasted good too so I was happy and also relieved. Her entire birthday was filled with Harry Potter goodness and she had a blast!

Read more – kinda smashed it. I finished Close to Home and started The Doll’s House which I’m finding a bit hard to get into but since I’ve been binging Line of Duty on Netflix my brain kind of switched to a more detective kind of mindset so I’m finding the police side of things easier to follow and I’m really liking it so far!

Start recording the activities I do with Lily again – kinda did this a bit but I could have done 100% better. I shared a few activities I did on Instastories but to be honest, I’m really kind of hating Instagram at the moment. I did, however, write a blog post all about a little collection of learning through play activities for colour recognition so I guess I didn’t do all that badly!

Go on a “date” with Ben – if you count going childfree shopping then i smashed this goal too. I think most people wouldn’t count a trip to B&M and a maccies on the way home as a date but hey ho. At this point, we will take anything, hah.

Thing’s I’ve been loving

our garden! | We have done so much to the garden this month and I’ve planted so many things – hollyhocks, candytufts, fuchsias, stocks, budlijah, lavender and some chilli and bell pepper seeds. I’m on a roll and I can not wait for everything to bloom.

korma | after never having tried a korma before not that long ago I have made everyone have it like 3 times in one week because I’m obsessed. Eloise even loves it too which is basically unheard of but it’s so yummy that I genuinely can’t get enough of it right now. It’s like pregnancy cravings without the pregnancy, haha.

line of duty | I have been HOOKED to this show on Netflix and I’ve finally finished all of the seasons on there and I’m left feeling like I could work for AC-12 my brain thinks its a detective now I can’t help it.

looking forward to

getting our garden sofa | we ordered a rattan corner sofa for the garden a few weeks ago and it’s due to be delivered soon and I cannot wait. Typically the day it is due to arrive it’s raining but I’m excited nonetheless.

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