May 1, 2019

May Goals.

How is it May already? What the hell?! I know I always go on about how quickly the previous month has gone but seriously, what is up with the lightning speed of 2019, please? Sloooooow doooown! Anyway, I have spent the vast majority of today baking and decorating Eloise’s 9th birthday cake ready for the end of the week and I vastly underestimated just how long it would take me and my body is seriously hating on me right now but it’s done (and the first of my goals has been completed already, boom!). Minus the candles and cute little number 9 sparkler thing but those with all go on on the day. I was going to make a little confetti number 9 but I feel like Eloise will like a sparkler more so I’m going with that. Enough cake rambling now and onto this month’s goals!

May Goals

|| Make a Hedwig cake for Eloise’s birthday: I’ve been asking Eloise what kind of cake she wants for weeks and naturally she decides on this one last minute. Someone pray for me because the last time I tried making a “thing” out of cake it ended up a bit of a disaster (some of you make remember my wonky unicorn cake for Lily’s 1st birthday)

|| Read more: Or listen to more audio books. I have kind of got stuck in a rut of not really making time to read. I will procrastinate and do literally nothing productive and just end up with no time to listen/read because I’ve also been trying super hard to go to bed at a slightly more reasonable time lately so yeh, not really much time to read but I’m determined to get my shit together and use the procrastination time for reading time so I’ve downloaded this months book club book ready and I have 1 hour left of Close To Home by Cara Hunter (which I kind of don’t want to end because it is SO GOOD).

|| Start recording the activities I do with Lily again: A little while ago I wrote a post which included a whole bunch of stuff me and Lily had got up to throughout that month, I also shared some of the things we did on Instastories and I got such a good response from everyone so I really want to do it again but due to my lack of motivation I just haven’t really taken photos of anything really but this month I really want to try and share some of our play ideas with you all again!

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|| Go on a “date” with Ben: I think during the whole 4 and a half-ish years me and Ben have been together we have gone out literally once to a film premier unless you count when we went to minor injuries with glass in my foot or the emergency dentist, ha. Anyway, this month we want to try and spend some alone time together. Probably to finish watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix without having to pause it every 3.6 seconds.

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