May 9, 2019

Oh Hello, I rebranded.

So if you’re a blogger, then you will almost definitely know about the whole Pipdig scandal that went on not long ago and while I don’t know enough about coding to fully understand what exactly was going on but what I do know is that it was shady as fuck and sent the shits right up me. I knew that after the number of professionals (inc Wordfence) who spoke out about the said shady af shit I wouldn’t be able to relax knowing my blog could be targeted as so I went on the search many of us bloggers been on over the past week or so and found myself a brand spanking new blog theme which if you’re here, you will have already seen.

Choosing a theme

Twitter is teaming with recommendations for themes at the moment with so many bloggers from both WordPress and Blogger looking to switch theirs but one name that I kept seeing crop up was Kotryna Bass so off to her website I went. Her themes are beautiful with lots of style variations to suit different tastes but the main thing I noticed was the price. I had looked on a couple of other websites before now to find themes and they were all the best part of £100. No thank you. I had already forked out £50 odd on my Pipdig theme so I absolutely didn’t have the spare cash to be chucking that amount at my blog and pay my bills so I went searching for cheaper themes, all of which I didn’t like because I’m picky af. I had seen a couple of people suggest building your own theme but I have next to no knowledge in coding and I wanted something already done and easy to navigate which I think is what most people are looking for. I don’t have the time to faff with something of my own and try and figure out how to do all the upkeep and what have you. Anyway, I found myself on Kotryna’s website and fell in love with several of her themes but went for Peonies and Petals in the end which cost me £37 which I didn’t think was bad at all!

Installing the theme

Okay so basically I know hardly anything about coding or anything like that. I used to know a bit but basically, baby brain erased anything of any use out of my mind and now I forget what I went into another room for, haha. After purchasing the theme you are sent the link to download the theme through an email, this will then download a zip file onto your computer. Don’t do what I did and try and upload the whole zip file to your blog (LOL) because it won’t work obvs. There is a file of the same name inside the zip file that you need to upload and that’s that. Also, make sure you install the recommended plugins etc etc and you’re good to go.

Customising the theme

This is pretty straight forward too, nothing too tricky and pretty much what I’m used to in terms of customisation. You can also change the blog post layout on your front page if you fancy a change without buying a new theme which I thought was pretty cool. I still had my slider which is the main thing I liked about my blog although with this theme you have to pick and choose which ones you want to feature on it instead of them changing to your latest posts automatically.

I had a bit of trouble customising my hyperlinks but I dropped Kotryna a message and she went in and worked her magic to make them exactly how I wanted them, (which is like this btw) genuinely can’t fault the customer service whatsoever and I am so so happy with how my blog looks!

Some of the features of this theme that I love are:

|| Images turn black and white when hovered over.
|| The opposite effect happens to photos in post suggestions in actual blog posts.
|| You can opt for a grid style layout or a checkerboard style if you want more text showing on your homepage.
|| Option for affiliate shop widgets which is something I really wanted!
|| Instagram widget at the bottom of the page which is something I really love as I am proud of a lot of my photos on there even if next to no people really care haha.
|| Slider feature.


Now this isn’t really a new one because I have had my hosting with Kualo for a good year I think, or coming up to a year, I’m bad with dates, but I thought it is important to give them a mention as they have helped me so much and they’re just babes tbh. They are currently offering free hosting for anyone who was previously with Pipdig or had bought a Pipdig theme and they’re just all round good eggs. I recommend these guys to everyone because honestly, they are frigging amazing to be hosted with. They are always there to help and the day I switched to self hosted they literally helped me until the wee hours to sort my blog out. I got so confused at one point that they screen shared with me and sorted it all out in minutes! These guys are honestly so pure I can’t even stress what a great service they provide.

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