June 9, 2019

50 Ideas for #30DaysWild

This month The Wildlife Trust is hosting a 30 day long challenge for you to get wild every day with 30 “random acts of wildness”. It’s a great way to get kids engaged and outside in the fresh air and really getting stuck into nature. I spent a lot of my childhood outside, like most kids form the 90s did and although I’m a big fan of technology, sometimes you just need to put the games console down and get the hell outside. Getting your kids outside every day has a massively positive impact on them and I think it’s so important to get everyone out into the fresh air as much as you can so here are a little collection of ideas I’ve come up with to get wild this month!

001. plant some wildflowers

002. make a bird feeder

003. put up a bird nesting box in your garden

004. help a tired bee

005. pick up some litter

006. jump in some puddles

007. plant a tree

008. sign up to a gardening subscription box like Mud + Bloom or TotBag

009. go on a mini beast hunt

010. make a potion out of fallen petals

011. watch the sunset

012. build a hedgehog house

013. make magic wands out of sticks

014. toast marshmallows on a camp fire

015. feed the birds

016. have a woodland picnic (don’t forget to take all your litter home!)

017. go horse riding

018. plants some vegetables

019. visit one of your local National Trust properties

020. do some painting outdoors

021. feed the ducks

022. make a nature rainbow out of leaves and petals

023. go for a walk

024. do some painting using flowers, twigs, leaves etc as paint brushes

025. dance in the rain

026. make a mud pie

027. play poo sticks

028. identify trees around your area

029. make a clay portrait on a tree

030. measure the rainfall using a rain guage

031. go on a “bear hunt”

032. go to the park

033. water some plants

034. do some bark rubbings

035. paint the sunrise/sunset

036. look at the moon

037. find a constellation at night (my fave is cassopeia)

038. go fruit picking

039. play with bubbles outside

040. make a nature “soup” out of fruit and petals

041. choose some vegetables and make something yummy with them

042. make scented play dough with herbs and flowers (rose, mint and lavender work particularly well)

043. dig for treasure

044. watch a storm

045. make a daisy chain

046. build a den

047. make a nature portrait

048. hold a worm

049. stop and smell the roses

050. listen to the birds singing

One response to “50 Ideas for #30DaysWild”

  1. Maiya says:

    I used to love going berry picking! I really need to go in the summer! xx


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