June 3, 2019

June Goals.

001. work on the garden some more | now we have absolutely smashed it with the gardens in May and I want to keep it up because weeding them when I’ve left it a few months is no fun let me tell you! We have got so much done in terms of making it look nice in there (minus the huge ass orange trampoline but we can’t do anything about that) this month, we have painted the shed grey, painted the playhouse a lighter grey instead of the pink and sorted the flower beds and potted plants. I’ve also got some cute solar lights which I was v excited about when they first lit up because I’m also v sad.

002. try something different from McDonald’s | this is probably sad af to most people but before I moved in with Ben I think I could probably count the number of times I went to McDonald’s on my fingers and toes because I certainly hadn’t been for a good 15 years at the time and pretty much all I had as a kid was a chicken nugget happy meal. I think I had one burger in my whole childhood so I’ve got a lot of catching up taste wise. So far I’ve ticked the veggie deluxe (10/10 but they discontinued it, boo!), cheeseburger (bit boring unless it’s the double and then it’s amazing), Big Tasty with bacon (the best IMO), Big Mac (the bacon version, which was niiice but the Big Tasty is better), spicy veggie wrap (bit shit), mozzarella dippers (the best thing on the menu), nacho things (they’re ok but I’d rather they died and the dippers come back) so basically you can see I have tried a very small number of things but this is a big deal for me and probably a load of others who have had ED’s in the past.

003. go for my blood tests | i hate blood tests because I always get super dizzy afterwards even if only a couple of vials are taken. I don’t know if that’s because my body sucks or anxiety because Im actually not scared of needles. I mean, I don’t love them but I don’t have a huge fear of them. Anyway, I need a full blood count thing doing and I’m putting it here so I actually remember to go, hah.

004. start meal planning again | i’ve started writing a list of a bunch of amazing looking recipes on Pinterest and I’m excited to put them all in my mouth. I’m kind of hoping this will help stop the constant need to keep going out to the shop because I forget 90% of the shit we actually need, haha.

005. help my Mum fix up the house | to cut a long story short her tenants moved out and left the place a mess so there is a big ass list of shit that needs seeing to which we want to get done asap so the place can be rented out again. ps. if you rent a house then please fucking clean it before you leave. I get it, no one can be arsed to clean their old place when they have busted their ass moving out but I bet your landlord wants to do it even less so don’t be an asshole. pps. hire a fucking professional like you’re meant to. k thx.

006. get off social media more | since the weather has gotten warmer and I’ve been doing more in the garden and therefore less on my phone I have felt so much better. It’s obviously not a cure-all but social media is a wanky pile of wank sometimes and I find I go through phases where it’s really helpful and then it flip turns upside down and is just really not great for my mental health. So yeh, less flicking through pointless pixels and more realness.

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  1. Maiya says:

    These are some really fun goals! I always get the same from McDonalds too! xx


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