June 6, 2019

On My Playlist.

I’ve been doing a lot of fence painting lately which has meant my phone and Google home have been working overdrive playing songs whilst I do quite possibly the most boring adult job in the history of adulting ever. We only have one fence panel to do now and I never want to paint a fence again. Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to share some fo the songs I’ve been listening to on loop for a while now. I’m definitely one of those annoying people who play a new song over and over until I hate it so these have been played A LOT, haha.

on my playlist…

COPYCAT | billie eilish

This is entirely Lisa’s fault. Well, mostly. I saw a video of her reacting to other peoples covers of her songs and thought she was awesome and Lisa had been talking about her a few days before so I decided to head over to Spotify and give her a listen and now I’m basically obsessed. Her voice reminds me of something and I don’t know what but I love it. 11/10.


I heard this for the first time on someones Instastories and loved it immediately. I kind of feel like the lyrics reflect a little bit of me and Ben growing up, especially through college and things. Defintely going on my wedding playlist I think!

LITTLE DO YOU KNOW | alex & sierra

I first heard this as a cover by Ebony Day and now it’s my go-to tune for cooking, tidying, whatever. I do the thing where when I find a new song I love I play it over and over and over again until I hate it. This is going to be one of those tunes for sure.

HOLOCENE || bon iver

This is one of my go-to song when I’m feeling a bit shit. The vocals are sad and echoey and I love a bit of depressing music every now and then. It’s calming.

MERCURY || sleeping at last

Another go-to depressing song for shitty days. I don’t know what it is about echoey vocals when it comes to bad days but they’re calming and I’m not really on to go and find happy songs to make myself feel better, sometimes you’ve just got to feel all the shit and get through it that way. Sugar coating it with positivity doesn’t work sometimes, you can’t polish a turd and all that.

WORK OUR BONES TO DUST (EXHALE OUR FRAILTY) | ghosts in the photographs

In all honesty, I could add every song by these guys to every playlist ever because I fricking love their music so much. Me and Ben saw them live a few years ago at the Patient Zero premiere and I have loved them ever since. They’re so talented and I really want to see them live again but you know – kids.

PEER PRESSURE | james bay

I first heard this song maybe about 3 days ago and it’s probably already my most played song this year, not even joking. I can’t believe I’d never actively listened to Jame Bay before because damn! I love this and Us a lot at the moment. I am forever putting them on repeat whilst doing gardening or housework. This one’s going on the wedding playlist too I think!

LOST SPARKS | canyon city

I think this was actually a Spotify recommendation, I love that about Spotify, the radio feature and personalised playlists are brilliant for finding hidden gems you would have otherwise not come across. This song is kinda sad but I love it. It’s one of those ones you want to listen to when you want something easy yet catchy and I find myself sticking it on repeat a lot.

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  1. Maiya says:

    Sleeping At Last are so good for when you’re depressed or happy sad haha xx


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