June 29, 2019

Play Tray Party | Sensory, Role Play + Fine Motor Skills

I’m trying to keep on top of switching these guys up every week lately, I left a couple the same for ages and I’m just trying to be a bit more proactive with making sure Lily is getting the most out of lots of different activities as she gets closer to the age where we will officially start home educating her. She really loved last weeks, particularly the cutting activity, I ended up buying some left-handed scissors which made it a lot easier for her. This week I’ve included a couple of life skills into Lily’s play trays just because I feel like a lot of her trays lately have been more letter recognition or sensory-based so a big switch up felt like a good move!

Wooden Fruit Cutting Play Tray

What’s in it:
lelin wooden cutting fruit play set

Great for:
fine motor skill
life skills
hand-eye coordination
fruit/veg recognition

This one is pretty self-explanatory but Lily loves these kinds of toys. She first played with a cutting set like this during one of her developmental checks with the health visitor and I just had to get her one because she was so fascinated with it. She’s not really touched it in a while so I thought I’d bring it back out in play tray form to try and spark her interest again. These are great for those fine motors skills as well as teaching children how to use cutlery so this could be beneficial for little ones who are just learning how to use a knife and fork as well as setting them up for the future with these important life skills.

Tea Set Play Tray

What’s in it:
tea bags
leapfrog tea pot

Great for:
role play
fine motor skills
life skills

Lily and Ben have a little routine where she always helps him make his tea or coffee after brushing her teeth. She will help spoon the coffee in or whatever and she loves doing it so much! I set this up so she has her own little tea tray with actual tea bags so it adds that little bit more realness into her play because she also adores that little teapot too. She is forever making cup after cup of tea for everyone so I’m hoping she really loves this one.

Sensory Scented Playdough

What’s in it:
homemade playdough
rolling pin
any cutters and things you may have

Great for:
sensory play
fine motor skills
colour recognition

I got the recipe for the playdough from Lottie’s blog, Simply Together and it’s honestly the best homemade playdough recipe I’ve tried to date! I used a bunch of herbs and spices as well as colouring to make it a bit more fun. I tried to go for a more natural colour pallette to step away from shop bought colours like neon pink for a bit. I scented them with turmeric, nutmeg, vanilla, strawberry mint from the garden basil, and lavender which is also from the garden. I like the lavender one the best, it turned out so beautiful! This tray was obviously the one that attracted Lily straight away, she is loving these!

What activities have your little ones been loving lately? Let me know if you try any of these! I’d love to know how you got on!

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