June 17, 2019

Ways We Can All Be More Green.

I’ve been talking a bit about doing my bit to be that little bit kinder to the earth. We can all take steps to be greener and it’s important to remember that being eco friendly doesn’t mean you have to do everything at once. Even just swapping one thing will help, it takes a ripple to make a wave and all that jazz and not everyone can be 100% zero waste and that’d ok but we should all do what we can, when we can to do our bit and appreciate that just because one person can do X doesn’t mean it’s feasible for everyone to do that but we can all certainly do our bit, there is nothing too small so don’t worry if your budget or whatever means can’t swap everything, etc etc etc.

go paperless |A recent survey by Seareach discovered that going paperless and storing everything digitally came out on top for ways to make an office more green. By having everything at the touch of a screen saves a huge pile of paperwork inevitably ending up in the recycling bin.

bring a reusable bottle | instead of reaching for a bottle from the vending machine or a plastic cup from the water dispenser bring yourself a reusable coffee cup or bottle. Or even a big old flask!

solar panels | cut your use of fossil fuels by installing solar panels to use good old photovoltaic cells to harvest the sun’s energy to provide a renewable energy source.

bring your own lunch | instead of relying on Tesco for a meal deal, bring your own lunch in some Tupperware or beeswax wrap. It’ll save you some pennies too!

At home…

buy loose veg | if you can, opt for the most eco-friendly packaging you can find that’s within your budget. This may not seem like much but it all adds up.

turn taps off | it’s easy to just leave the tap running when we are brushing our teeth or doing our cleansing routines but turning it off in between when we aren’t using the water will save tonnes!

pay attention to plastic packaging | things like porridge oats, fruit, and veg, some meats, ice lollies, etc all more often than not have alternatives that don’t have plastic, for example, you can buy fresh burgers that’ll come in a plastic tray but switching to frozen means you can buy ones in a cardboard box or porridge oats in a paper bag or box rather than a bag. Just little things like that.

switch to reusable straws if you can | I’m not a fan of paper straws so plastic are currently my jam as we have a pack from years ago we still haven’t got through but I’ve ordered a pack of reusable, metal straws (which are rainbow!) to try out! I will take this opportunity to point out that some people do need disposable plastic straws, so don’t be an asshole about it.

swap cling film | you can get an array of different substitutes for using cling film, you can use beeswax wraps, Tupperware, or even silicone covers you can get to fit over pretty much anything. Lots and lots of lovely reusable options.

grow your own | if you have a window ledge you can grow something! Pretty much anyone can grow herbs at least but if you have a garden too then the possibilities are endless!

make your own cleaning products | my Mum swears by vinegar for pretty much everything and while I’m not ready to go completely chemical free (my OCD wouldn’t cope) I do make more eco-friendly choices where I can, for example, Method is eco-friendly as well as the M&S branded cleaning products. I’d like to try making my own general purpose cleaning spray in the near future for sure but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the bleach and anti-bac yet. I have swapped my Zoflora and spray mop for a steam mop though which actually kills more germs using just water.

dry clothes outside | we’ve not owned a tumble dryer and haven’t used one since moving out and although it’s annoying at times, especially when the weather is bad, it’s doable.

Babies + toddlers…

cloth nappies | I used cloth full time with Eloise and part-time with Lily and they’re a great way to cut down on waste and be more green! Even just using one cloth nappy a day adds up and saves a heck of a lot of nappies from going to landfill. If the RRP puts you off then there are a bunch of places (eBay, Facebook, etc) that you can buy preloved cloth at a fraction of the price.

cloth wipes | with Eloise I made my own wipes out of cotton, terry, and minky fabric and they worked really well! I’m looking at making some for Lily too, they’re much gentler on sensitive skin too which is a bonus! Even if you just use them for wet bums and use disposable for poos it’ll still save a whole bunch of wipes going in the bin.

buy second hand | whether that be for clothes, toys or both! Charity shops, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, etc are all great places to find second-hand bargains. A lot of Lily’s toys are second or even third hand and still in great condition!

Health + Beauty…

use reusable make up wipes | there are a bunch of reusable options out there including reusable cotton rounds like Cheeky Wipes that you use with your normal cleanser and pop in the wash after using and even special microfibre cloths that only require water to get it all off!

shampoo bars | shampoo and conditioner bars are the best zero waste hair care products I’ve found, I love Lush for their selection of bars with Seanik perhaps being my all time fave!

menstrual cups | I see a lot of people raving about these and while they’re defintely not everyone’s cup of tea, if it’s an avenue you are comfortable to go down then it’s worth trying out I reckon!

reusable pads | if cups aren’t your jam then reusable pads are a great option, even just one per cycle is enough to save a good amount going to landfill.

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