June 25, 2019

What Lily Eats | June 2019 | Week 5

Another week, another what Lily eats post. I’m kind of proud I’ve managed to remember to take photos of Lily’s meals most days and the fact that she’s eaten most of them too. She’s been going through such a fussy phase recently and it’s been so annoying if I’m being totally honest because so much food was going to waste and it was just a bit of a ballache having to make 373854 different meals every day. I also really worried about how many vitamins she was missing out on, she is a great fruit eater and she’s still breastfed so, in theory, she would be at least getting something from that but it still worries me a bit, not going to lie.

breakfast cheese croissant, freshly picked strawberries + peach yoghurt drizzled w/ honey

We went strawberry picking at our local farm shop so we have strawberries running out of our ears so naturally every meal contains a strawberry at the moment, haha. This is the first time Lily’s had a cheese croissant but these were one of my favourite things as a kid and super easy to make, all you do is slice open a croissant, stick in a bit of cheese then microwave for 40 seconds. Lily ate a good half of this, plus all of her yoghurt and one strawberry.

lunch tomato, cheese, garlic + pepperoni pizza bagels w/ cottage cheese
pudding strawberries, plum, raisins, Milkyway crisp roll + 1/2 a jam tart

As you can probably tell, Lily is going through some sort of growth spurt. She is eating us out of house an home always asking for snack after snack the past week or two so I’m expecting to have to buy her some new clothes soon as she shoots up and outgrows them. Raisins are her favoruite things at the moment followed closely by any sort of soft fruit or bananas that she will help herself to out fo the fruit bowl.

dinner garlic, asparagus, spinach farfalle sprinkled with manchego
pudding strawberries + cream

Surprisingly, Lily actually ate the pasta including some of the spinach. I’m hoping and praying that this means we are coming to the end of her fussiness because Eloise will eat pretty much anything these days and it would be nice to be able to have two kids who will eat anything, haha. Manchego is a huge fave in this house, along with smoked cheese and hard goats cheese. Basically, any cheese is good. Lily would live off cheese if she could for sure.

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