June 8, 2019

What Lily Eats | June 2019 | Week 3

I’ve been slacking a bit on these posts, mainly because Lily is super fussy lately so refuses anything particularly interesting so the posts would be pretty boring. She would currently live on cheese if she could, particularly smoked cheese. It’s almost as if the second Eloise decided to be less fussy so I could branch out a bit, Lily took her place as the head of fussiness AKA the queen of plain pasta with cheese on, haha. I do think it’s quite funny how the way you wean is meant to have this huge impact on how fussy your kid is going to be but honestly, they all go through the plain pasta phase let’s not lie. With Eloise I did BLW for the record and Lily I did TW, both breastfed like that makes any difference either to how fussy they are with food, haha.


breakfast: the collective banana suckies

Lily has really been loving these little yoghurt suckies from The Collective. They’re super easy to just chuck in lunchboxes or bags for on the go snacks too, she loves the novelty of being able to suck it out of the packet and they’re pretty low in sugar compared to the little pots we normally get and the ingredients are super simple with no random crap added in which I love. You can also pop these in the freezer so they keep longer or if you want to use one to keep little lunchboxes cool at school. The only downside to these is that the pouch isn’t recyclable which sucks.

lunch: cheddar and spring onions on toast, vegetable pop crisps, cottage cheese, little gem lettuce, strawberries + blackberries

Lily is kind of at the stage where she wants chicken nuggets, french fries and cheese so I’m trying to give her lots of option, especially for lunch as this is the time she tends to eat the most really unless it’s something new or she’s unsure of it then she will just squish it and say she’s done then ask for chocolate or something. Eloise has the same as her and she cleared her plate.

dinner: cauliflower cheese, mini roast potatoes + grated cheese

Note the grated cheese to entice her into eating the rest. She really surprised me with this because she would ordinarily poke at this then say she doesn’t like it even though she does but she ate pretty much all of it plus some of mine and Bens potatoes. This cauliflower was huge, genuinely bigger than Ben’s head and his head is massive and it was only a pound from the farm shop. I love that it was grown locally, I’m 100% down for that kinda stuff.

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  1. Maiya says:

    She definitely eats better than I do haha! xx


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