June 18, 2019

What Lily Eats | June 2019 | Week 4

So seeing as I’ve really started to get back into the swing of recording what Lily eats I thought I’d relaunch my What My Toddler Ate Tuesday Linky. I you want to join in you totally don’t have to join in only on a Tuesday, this is just the name I coined it as I just ended up always posting on a Tuesday and I understand that’s not doable for everyone so feel free to call your post whatever you like, as you’ll see I’ve moved over to “What Lily Eats” because she’s not strictly a toddler anymore but I thought having a little collection of links all together would be a great way to get inspiration from other families for meal ideas because we all know what fussy little buggers toddlers and kids, in general, can be so feel free to join in!

breakfast the collective strawberry suckies

So you know I said that we are trying to limit these due to the non-recyclable packaging, well Lily has decided these are the only yoghurt she likes so, for now, we are having them for breakfast most days. I’m going to buy a large pot of the same brand yoghurt to reduce the waste and just keep my fingers crossed that she likes them as much. I’m going to look into recycling options for the pouches in the meantime as I know some baby food pouches can be recycled but I’m unsure on these but I’m hoping they’ll be accepted too.

lunch cheesey beans on buttery toast

This is a kid lunch staple in this house, both Eloise and Lily love this meal although Lily has started to only eat it if it’s covered in cheese, haha. I swear that kid would live on various types of cheese if she could. She also had a little chocolate freddo with this as well as some raisins and a banana or two a bit later which racked up that five a day. I always forget to include her snacks and I’m sure I’ve said that before but I will try my best to remember to photograph them too, ha.

dinner mac + cheese, potato lattices, sweet pepper, cherry tomatoes

I’d actually made cauliflower cheese but Lily really wanted pasta so I kind of combined the two together and she was so happy. She wasn’t that keen on the potato lattices though, she’s more of a plain french fry kinda gal. I really want to have a go at hiding some veg and other goodness into mac and cheese because she will wolf anything that resembles that down in a second. I have made hidden veg mac + cheese before using a pouch of pureed veg but we don’t buy them really anymore, just the odd fruit pouch here and there really but I was thinking about adding in some nutritional yeast or something just to up the vitamins a bit!

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