July 12, 2019

5 Things To Do After Having a Baby

Having a baby is a complete life changer, as soon as you bring that little bundle of joy home your entire life is changed forever and it can be pretty overwhelming that’s for sure! You are suddenly plunged into what seems like a neverending cycle of feeds, nappy changes, burping and a laundry pile that could challenge Mount Everest so planning for the future can be something that gets pushed down the pile, right under the sicked on clothes and sleepsuits. I have created a little list that I wish I’d had after having my babies.

set up a junior investment ISA

There are a tonne of different companies and methods to invest for your child’s future and although it may not be the first thing you think of when you have a newborn in your arms, the earlier you set something up the more your child will thank you in the future when they receive the money and are able to do anything from put a deposit down for a house, buy a car or even start up their own business.

With Eloise, I invested after she was born in a junior ISA. Lily is yet to have an ISA which is something I feel quite guilty about, especially as Eloise has one but we just weren’t in the position to invest when she was born but this is definitely something we are looking into at the moment.

start a baby journal

I remember googling baby journals as soon as I got home with Eloise because I knew I wanted to fill one in for her to look back on! It’s currently in her baby box and I think I even managed to fill in two for her! With Lily, I took milestone photos rather than filled in a journal but I definitely regret not doing one for her because it’s amazing how quickly you forget dates and things! Especially with baby brain!

make a baby box

Both of my girls have a box each filled with various things I’ve kept from when they were tiny. I am constantly adding things like birthday cards, drawings, awards, etc to them and they’re bursting at the seams! I love the idea of them being able to look back through various paperwork, photos, drawings, letters and random bits and bobs from their childhood when they’re older. I have even kept their first outfits for them to have for their children if they want when they’re older and become Mothers.

take lots of photos

With Eloise, I took at least one photo of her, each day for months and months. You can absolutely never have too many photos but you can definitely not have enough. My point is, even if the photo isn’t perfect, maybe there is too much clutter in the background, your hair isn’t brushed or they have stains on their tops, years from now you will be so glad you took it. So fill the albums with perfectly imperfect photos with your hair unwashed and weetabix in their eyebrows!

write a letter to your baby

When Eloise was tiny, I used to write monthly letters to her which are sat patiently waiting in her baby box for her to read when she’s older. I also recorded a video letter to both her and Lily and I just think it’s such a lovely thing to do for them because so many changes over the years and while we love them more each day, our thoughts and circumstances change and I just think it is such a lovely idea to write letters for the future about the present because so many of the little things will get forgotten.

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2 responses to “5 Things To Do After Having a Baby”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Such beautiful and sentimental ideas Gee! I’ve a baby scrapbook of Mollys first year, and a baby box for all the physical items. I also did a 1second everyday video of her first year that I think I’ll cherish forever x

  2. I can’t wait to do all of these things when I have children of my own. Especially the letter x

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