July 13, 2019

How To Have A Greener Period.

You’ve probably noticed that lately, I’ve been talking quite a bit about different ways you can reduce your households waste and just generally be kinder to The Earth. I’m sure we’ve all read by now that we have 12 years to make a drastic change to our lifestyles in order to protect this planet from irreversible damage and if that doesn’t shit you up then I don’t know what will. I’ve spoken about ways we’ve been reducing our waste as well as some ideas to make your home greener but today I’m going to be talking about periods.

I will quickly say before I carry on that not everyone is comfortable swapping their sanitary products for a variety of reasons, not everyone can use a cup and not everyone can afford to kit themselves out with enough reusables to last their whole cycle. When you read these posts don’t feel pressured into doing something you’re not comfortable with, just because cups are one of the most eco-friendly options for that time of the month doesn’t mean you should let anyone pressure you into trying one if you don’t feel comfortable enough with the idea of them. Sanitary wear is a very personal choice and it’s important to only switch to something you’re going to feel okay with.

Reusable Cloth Pads / Cloth Sanitary Protection (CSP)

I’ve used CSP on and off since Eloise was a baby. I was first introduced to them when I threw myself into the cloth nappy world because they are essentially the same idea (as well as coming in super cute patterns). The idea is that the work exactly the same as a regular sanitary towel but they are made of fabrics and attach to your underwear with a popper and are then popped into the washing machine to be used again and again.

Brands to try:
cheeky wipes

Menstrual Cups

Now, these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea although they are probably up there in the most environmentally friendly/lowest waste category. They are made of medical grade silicone which is super durable and long wearing and the idea is that you insert the cup into your vagina, a bit like a tampon, and it collects the blood inside the cup which you can then remove and tip away. You swill it under the tap between uses and can keep it in your handbag. The materials mean they’re quite possibly one of the most hypoallergenic of any menstrual product but the insertion can be offputting for a number of reasons and not everyone is/is able to feel comfortable with them.

I haven’t tried a cup because I don’t feel comfortable with the idea, I’m absolutely terrified of it getting lost up there or something and I have a tilted uterus so I feel like I may have issues there with it being uncomfortable and basically, I haven’t wanted to shell out £20 ish to find that out. Saying that it is the cheapest option long term so do your research and give one a go if you fancy it.

Because I’ve not actually tried a cup, I asked some bloggers to share their experiences with menstrual cups:

Click here to read Katy’s experience with getting her cup stuck!

Read through a thread on Instagram by Clemmie Hooper / Mothers_of_Daughters all about menstrual cups.

Click here to read From Dream to Mummy’s post about her experience with menstrual cups.

Modibodi Period Proof Underwear

I absolutely love the idea of Modibodi period proof pants! They look exactly the same as just a normal pair of knickers just with a padded area inside made of multiple layers that lock in fluid whilst still being breathable. Just like your regular old sanitary pad, these come with various levels of absorbency meaning you can kit yourself out to cater to your entire cycle. Washing is the same as things like CSP and cloth nappies in that it’s a cool wash with no fabric conditioner so minimal faffing there too and I’m super excited to test these out!

I also love how these would be so great for people who struggle with certain mobility issues in the fact they’re less of a task to put on because there are no tabs or poppers in sight, no folding or inserting so I do really love that element too!

Have you got any eco-friendly favourites for that time of the month?

~mentions gifted items~

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I use a cup and also have a tilted cervix. It took a good few try’s before it became comfortable. I also use the Modibodi undies because they are amazing!!

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