July 2, 2019

July 2019 Goals

How the hell is it July already?! How are we more than halfway through the year?! What is happening!? Also, why the hell is the air 89% pollen now because I am D Y I N G. I never used to get hay fever but since having Lily it’s been awful every damn year, is that even a thing? Anyway, that was totally random and definitely off-topic because this post is all about my July goals which I totally forgot to write until today so hi, here are my goals for this month –

001. meal plan, meal plan, meal plan

I know this has been one of my goals fro approximately 5000 months now but we really suck at doing just one weekly shop and that being enough for the week. We always have to pop out midweek to grab bits we’ve forgotten or run out of and I’m hoping that planning everything will help with that.

002. take Eloise to the Willard Wigan exhibition

There is an exhibition of some amazing miniature sculptures by Willard Wigan near us, I’ve seen his work online and have always been fascinated but I didn’t realise there is an actual exhibition super close to us so I want to go so badly! Eloise is equally as fascinated so she would love it too!

003. upload more recipes on here

I’ve been really loving writing up recipes lately, I have been trying to cook from scratch more this month and I’ve been doing pretty well I think! I can’t wait to try out a bunch of things and share them with you all! Think lots of baking and vegetarian meals! I kind of want to bring back my “What I Eat In A Day” blog posts so I may well do that too and share some of my faves that way!

004. give #PlasticFreeJuly a go

Now I don’t think we can go totally plastic free, at least not yet, but I want to be as conscious as I can be of what I’m buying starting now. I feel like I do try my best to choose the most eco friendly option we can afford at the time, however, it’s not something we can fully commit to yet but I do want to do as much as I can and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to throw myself a little deeper.

005. join in with the Simply Play Project

I’m super excited to be joining in with Lottie from Simply Together’s new project! This weeks prompt is “Summer” and we can’t wait to get stuck in! All the prompts for the month are shared in advance so you can get your thinking caps on to come up with your play ideas! All the prompts are super accessible which I think is so wonderful because some of these sorts of things can be a bit far fetched but these really do seem so fun but so simple that everyone can join in easily!

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