July 1, 2019

My Top Money Saving Tips.

I’m no stranger to money troubles and having to live on a pinch, I was a single teenage Mum at 18 and that shit ain’t easy on the bank account, not going to lie. While my circumstances have changed a heck of a lot in the past 10 years I still do try my best to be careful with money. The past 2 months have been super stressful for us because after having my bank account sued fraudulently, my bank still haven’t sorted it and I’m still without my bank card. Luckily we have other bank accounts so I’ve been able to juggle things about but it’s got me thinking more about the way we handle our money because normally, we just throw the card around without really thinking and we really need to step away from that mindset and be more mindful again. Anyway, I thought I’d share some money mindfulness with you!

if you find yourself in debt, don’t wait to get help | there are lots of different ways to get help before you debt piles up and gets worse, don’t ignore it and contact a debt advice agency like Creditfix can help.

draw up a budget sheet | with a family and a house it’s really easy to lose track of how much is leaving your bank account every month. Drawing up a budget sheet lets you see exactly what is coming and what is going out and even highlight areas you can maybe budget more on like groceries or hairdressing appointments for example.

start meal planning | meal planning is a great way to budget your weekly shop. Planning all of your family’s meals beforehand meals you are only buying the things you need and not just that tub of ice cream and jar of sauce just because they’re on offer (or piling the entire special buy aisle into your trolly, haha)

sell before you bin | if you have any old toys your kids don’t play with anymore or clothes they’ve grown out of then eBay or Facebook Marketplace can be your friend to earn yourself a few pennies. Anything that doesn’t sell, make sure you donate it so someone else can enjoy it ;).

search for voucher codes | before you place an order online, have a quick Google around for any current voucher codes the website might have at the moment.

buy second hand | always check out your local charity shops, Facebook Marketplace or eBay before buying new. I have found so many amazing bargains from these places and I’ve definitely saved more than a few pennies this way! You’ll also be saving the planet in the process so every little helps!

choose reusable over single-use | while the initial payout may be more, reusable items quickly give you your money’s worth and then some in earning those pennies back as you don’t need to buy they single-use version. Try switching to cloth nappies, reusable sanitary protection, makeup wipes, baby wipes etc.

What are your top money tips?

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