July 7, 2019

Play Tray Party | Sustainable Sensory Play.

This week we have quite possibly the easiest play trays to recreate to date. I’ve also tried to follow the theme of #PlasticFreeJuly and reuse and recycle some bits and pieces around the house to create some activities for Lily ranging from reusing packaging materials from parcels to making use of expired foods and using things I’ve grown myself in the garden. I think sometimes it can be difficult to recreate some ideas online without having to spend money or change the ideas dramatically so I hope you enjoy these more sustainable ideas!

Scented Lavender Sensory Water Play Tray

What’s in it:
play tray

Great for:
fine motor skills

Lily bloody loves water play of any kind, in fact, I think most kids love water play. Since the weather has heated up and the sun has decided to show its face I have been trying to incorporate water a bit more to keep Lily still for longer than 5 seconds to cool her off and also just because she bloody loves it. This lavender water sensory play tray was inspired by Amy Jane And Baby who created a similar set up for her little boy. All I did for this was fill one of her trays with water, added some freshly picked lavender from the garden and then let her loose with her little collection of little tools that I got off eBay a while ago and she was glued to it for ages! These little tools are fantastic for fine motor skills too!

You could also colour the water with food colouring if you fancied or use petals that have fallen from that bunch of blooms on your kitchen table or go foraging in the garden for herbs or rose petals!

Scooping + Pouring Play Tray

What’s in it:
a container of some sort (we used an old biscuit tray)
dry foods like pasta, lentils, popping corn, beans
tools (if you don’t have fancy ones then spoons, ladles, forks, etc work just as well!)

Great for:
sensory play
fine motor skills
hand-eye coordination
life skills

These are probably Lily’s favourite kinds of play tray! She loves tipping, pouring, picking up (and lobbing) the dry pulses and things everywhere and it creates a lot of mess but she has so much fun! We make these out of a bunch of out of date foods we had in the cupboard that I’ve just kept hold of for this purpose so I’m not really wasting anything. I have made these with a whole bunch of different dry foods like oats, different shaped pasta, lentils, rice, popping corn, cornflakes, popped rice, anything I’ve had lying around really! Lily loves using different tools to scoop and pour and the tweezers are particularly great for those fine motors skills! Children will love the different textures and sounds of the different bits and bobs!

Recycling Sensory Play Tray

What’s in it:
various packaging

Great for:
sustainably play ideas
sensory play

If you’re a blogger then you’ll probably know that the amount of packaging you accumulate with this job is quite extreme at times! Cardbaord, bubble wrap, those giant air pocket things, scrunched up paper, boxes, shredded paper, etc, there are so many different kinds of packaging that will end up in the bin (recycling or otherwise) so I do like to repurpose as much of it as I can whether that be in play trays like this or letting the kids wild with a box! For this I’ve just popped in some interesting looking bits that have come in my parcels this week for Lily to rip up, tug at, draw on and explore in any way she chooses. This is a great sustainable play idea!

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  1. Katrina says:

    These are such great ideas for play trays, it’s great to use things you’ve already got around the house too! x

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