July 10, 2019

Toy Rotation | Week 2

I’m a bit late uploading this post because we are in fact already into week 3 of toy rotation. So far it seems to really be helping and all the toys are getting used to their full potential rather than everything being dragged out and bits lost, etc. The only thing I’ve struggled with so far is remembering to switch things up, I think I need to start doing it on a set day to get myself into the routine of things. I’m sure it’ll become second nature soon!

The mess in the living room has been much better too without everything being out everywhere and then abandoned so we are definitely getting somewhere with this rotating business!

Doctor’s Bag Book + Play Set

role play
life skills

Lily has loved anything to do with doctors or vets for a while now, she loves role playing taking care of her toys. The fascination initially sparked by Get Well Soon on CBeebies but also recently Doc Mcstuffins what has left her practicing her nursing skills on her toys which is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She got the doctors kit for Christmas present from her Grandma and the puzzle book from her Aunt, she uses the kit on her teddies as well as the little jigsaw pieces, haha. The book is really clever actually! Each page has a story as well as spaces for the puzzle pieces and Lily loves it! I decided to get these two toys out this week because she had her immunisations due so I thought this would be a good way to help her understand what happens and it definitely helps because she sat there like a boss getting them!

BRIO Farm Set

fine motor skills
small world play
role play

We were kindly gifted this earlier in the year and Lily is still just as in love with this set as she was back then. I had packed it away and it has got hidden from sight so she hasn’t had this out for a few weeks so she was very excited to see it in her baskets this week so I’m hoping we get lots of play out of it this week! It has magnets, twisting ropes, and things that slot on and off so lots of fine motor skills activities as well as role play as well as small world play feeding the cow and finding out how certain aspects on a farm work.

Balancing Toy

cause + effect
problem solving
fine motor skills

We’ve had this for a while now and it’s sat in the play cupboard for a while and Lily does occasionally get it out but I decided to put this one into her toy basket this week as part of her rotation to see if she plays with it a bit more because it really is a great little toy! I think this came from eBay last year for about a fiver and it’s cracking! It has a little seesaw and then a bunch of wooden things that come in pairs that they can use to learn about balancing and the cause and effect of adding or taking away a shape.

Animal Figures

small world play

I always include some form of human or animal figures or at least I will at the moment because they are some of the most played with toys. Lily is really into role play and creating small worlds so these little figures are amazing for that! The farm animal figures are actually bath squirters so these featured in a tuff tray sensory water and a play tray sensory water during the week!

Doll + Pushchair

life skills
gross motor skills

We have had this pushchair for quite a while now and it’s definitely up there in one of Lily’s most played with toys so I decided to dig it out and include it into the weeks play rotation along with this gorgeous little doll from One Dear World we received earlier this year. Lily adores this little doll and her different textures so it’s safe to say this one will be a hit. I imagine some other soft toys will be getting rides as well as Lily sitting in it herself which is obviously inevitable haha.

Dressing Up Clothes

role play

Lily has been asking to dress up as various characters lately so I dug out all of Eloise’s old dressing up clothes for her and she’s having the time of her life dressing up as aaall the Disney princesses, well, Elsa and Rapunzel, haha. She has also taken quite the liking to an old scarf that she asks me to fasten round her shoulders with a hair band so she can be a “superhero”.

Wooden Blocks

fine motor skills
hand-eye coordination
cause + effect

These blocks were also originally Eloise’s! I bought them second hand so they’re doing pretty damn well for themselves! I do love toys that will last and last, I can imagine these will last well into the future and I’d love for any of my future children or grandchildren to be able to play with them too! Lily has loved these blocks since she was about 6 months old, she loves building giant towers and then knocking them down and has great hand-eye coordination thanks to her fascination with these (and drawing) from such a young age. She can build some pretty beastie towers I can tell you!

In addition to these as I mentioned last time, Lily has access to all of her books, crayons, Duplo and play trays at all times. This week we did have a wild card play tray with cars and ramps which she loved. Click here to have a look at this weeks play trays.

What have your little ones been loving lately?

~mentions previously gifted items~

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