July 3, 2019

What Lily Eats | Week 6

I’m kind of late posting this because I had actually planned to upload this blog post yesterday to fit in with my “What My Toddler Ate Tuesday” post but as I’ve scrapped the linky for good now I thought “sod it” so have a post today. I’ve been really trying to stick to a meal plan lately and although we mixed a few days up I think the last week we did alright! I’ve written up another week’s worth of meals and booked a grocery order so pray for me for that! I am writing up a blog post of this past weeks plan too so expect to see that soon if I get my arse into gear!

breakfast vegan fresh strawberry cookie + fresh orange juice

We went fruit picking last week and come home with an abundance of strawberries and after many bowls of strawberries and cream, we were down to the last 1/4 of a punnet so I whipped these up and they went down a treat. Such a great way to pack in some extra fruit and add a health kick into something kids love!

Click here for the recipe.

lunch spaghetti + homemade garlic + rosemary toast

Nothing like a good old kid classic of spaghetti on toast, super quick and super cheap, I think this tin of spaghetti was about 16p, haha. The girls love this simple meal and it’s great to put together quickly for something a bit more substantial than a sandwich and crisps. The toast is made from a load of garlic and rosemary bread that the girls helped me bake, lots of baking this week!

dinner homemade slow cooked vegetable casserole w/ dumplings and cheese sprinkled on top

This is a big favourite here, I love the slow cooker and how much easier it makes things. I love being able to just chuck everything in and forget about it until dinner time. I change up the veg in this recipe quite a bit, depending on what we have in the fridge but this time I used, potatoes, turnip, swede, carrot, celery, courgette but I normally whack in everything I can find.

Don’t forget that you can check out more of what Lily eats on my toddler food inspo instagram.

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