July 18, 2019

What Lily Eats | Week 7

Another week another trio of some of the meals Lily has been enjoying lately. We still have days where she will only eat beige but *fingers crossed* we are slowly coming out the other side of the fussy toddler phase. Eloise will try pretty much anything now and if I remember rightly, it was about 4 that she started to branch out from requesting plain pasta and cheese every damn day too so here is to all eating the same meal soon!

breakfast smoothie, milkybar milk slice + a plum

The little milk slice things are always a hit, we get these or the Nesquik version and they’re not the healthiest because they’re essentially cake but hey ho. Everything in moderation am I right? I don’t restrict my children’s diets to just “healthy” food, as you can probably tell if you have followed these posts for a while. They’re allowed chocolate and crisps although I do restrict gummy sweets quite heavily purely because they make them freaking loopy so they rarely get things like jelly tots or skittles. They aren’t off-limits, I just encourage them to choose chocolate over gummies when they’re choosing their treats at the shop. I don’t want them to grow up labeling food bad or good, that mindset is never good so I choose not to restrict their access to any time of food to promote a healthy relationship with food.

lunch cheese + tomato toastie, popchips, cottage cheese + raspberries

Lily is obsessed with toasties at the moment, specifically cheese toasties and will ask for them pretty much daily, haha. I found these popchip crisp type things at Tesco, they’re essentially mini corn thins with sour cream and onion flavoring and both kids like them much to my surprise. The idea was Lily could dip them in her cottage cheese but she has a thing at the moment where she insists on using 2 spoons for things instead haha.

dinner quorn nuggets, french fries + pan fried garlic avocados

These nuggets are a massive hit with both of the girls, they look just like McDonalds McNuggets and taste really nice too! Not exactly like the Maccies ones, the batter tastes different but the texture is pretty much spot on. I don’t know a kid who doesn’t like nuggets and french fries. Well, Lily hated them until she was 3 but still. The avocados I just cut and fried in some vegetable oil and minced garlic. They’re great in cous cous with falafels too!

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