August 10, 2019

What Lily Eats | Week 8

I must apologise for how long it’s taken me to post this weeks What Lily Eats post! I say this weeks but it’s actually from over a month ago, how bad is that! I’m going to try and catch up with these posts soon but this time of year is hectic! Not because it’s the summer holidays but because it’s this time of year that I plan a good chunk of next years home education topics so I’m drowning in to do lists and mountains of resources

breakfast | strawberry suckies (or “suck its” as Lily calls them, haha)

Lily really bloody loves these yoghurts, so much so she has begun to refuse others or just pick at them because she loves being able to suck these from the pouch. Not great for trying to be more sustainable but great for fussy little terrors! They are live yoghurts so they have lots of good bacteria to help the gut which is something I like about yoghurts as they make it easy to get lots of goodness into them.

lunch | cheese toastie, eat real cheese straws, an apple, banana chips, coconut curls + a party ring

Cheese toasties are one of Lily’s favourite things at the moment, she even asks for them at breakfast time, haha! The cheese straws come in a big old share pack for just over a pound and they’re pretty much identical to the Kiddylicious version Lily has loved since she was tiny and work out a lot more cost-effective and you end up with less plastic waste so I like to feel like that evens the pouches out a little. Apples are her favourite fruits at the moment and she would eat a whole tree if she could, I can’t wait until the apple trees are laden with fruit as it’ll mean we are spending a heck of a lot less on fruit!

dinner | quorn fillet in a tomato sauce, turnip chips + roasted garlic green beans

I got a few lovely turnips (or buttholes as Lily calls them) in my Riverford Veg Box so I decided to get out of my comfort zone of using them for stews and casseroles and made some amazing turnips chips! I was so surprised at how nice these were! The beans are also from the Veg Box and this is the girls’ first time trying them roasted with garlic but they were a hit with most of us! Both of the recipes for are in my review for the whole box which I have linked above, let me know if you try them!

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