August 14, 2019

What Lily Eats | Week 9

Another week another What Lily Eats post, although I think this might even be the second post this week as I did get quite behind on these last month! I must remember to start photographing Lily’s snacks too to give a more accurate representation of what she eats in a day because we all know snacks are a huge part of a fussy toddlers daily menu. For Lily most days have at least two snacks, consisting of various things from cheese and apple to wotsits, we don’t restrict foods in this house because I don’t like to label things “bad” or “good” in the hope it’ll help the girls grow up with a healthy outlook on food and bypass a lot of issues I had. Anyway, onto this weeks What Lily Eats post!

breakfast | the collective raspberry suckies

These yoghurts are Lily’s favourites! I feel like they are making an appearance in most of these posts of late but they really are cracking little things! As I’ve said before, the non-recyclable packaging is a bit of a downfall for them but taste-wise I’s say Lily gives them a solid 11/10. I got a variety of 6 different flavours for £4 with our Ocado shop this week so she has a nice little selection for this week! I even managed to find the new chocolate and vanilla ones too which will please her greatly!

lunch | mixed bread rolls with plain gouda, goats cheese and gouda + tomato, sunbites, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese and blueberries

I got a little pack of mixed mini bread rolls that had a lovely selection from plain white to granary so I buttered them all up and filled them with a variety of things for everyone and of course Lily chose the plainest fillings, haha! These sunbite crisps are still a hit and so much better for them than regular crisps so I don’t feel as though I’m giving them empty calories when they have these so that’d great! They are on offer everywhere at the moment pretty much so check them out if you’ve not tried them! The flavour selection is lovely!

dinner | quorn southern fried burger, carrot + cheese potato pie w/ baked beans

This is the second time this week I’ve made the carrot and cheese potato pie because it’s just so nice! I love regular old cheese and potato pie but I like to add a vegetable or two to it for the girls to get some more vitamins into them wherever I can. The quorn burgers are an old favourite of mine that we haven’t had for a loooong time! I just haven’t been able to find them anywhere but Ocado came up trumps with my rediscovering of several vegetarian favourites that I thought had disappeared forever! Lily didn’t have a whole one, I have ger just over 1/2 and they’re a great source of protein! Baked beans are always a favourite with Lily, she would happily eat an entire tin to herself if she could and these were what she polished off first naturally! We always buy the store brand beans, these were Tesco’s 23p tins and they’re much nicer than the branded ones in my opinion!

pudding | claudi & fin strawberry greek yoghurt ice lolly

I always forget to photograph Lily’s pudding or snacks and I’m afraid I have forgotten the snack side of things but I did remember to snap this! I have been buying frozen yoghurt lollies for a while now, they do have the odd cornetto but these are great little healthy treats and don’t send them up the walls high on sugar, haha. We have tried a few brands but the girls say they like these Claudi & Fin ones best! They are quite little which makes them a perfect healthy pudding!

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  1. TerrI Heckley says:

    Your dinner sounds so yummy!

    Terri // Terri Talks

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