September 25, 2022

art journal | effects acrylic 03

Hello hello, I thought I’d do a quick early Sunday update on here because I have already changed the colouring of the snake here because it just wasn’t screaming zombie vibes and realistically, this snake has passed it. I’ve opted for a blue purple toned hue which I’m still not happy with because it gives off more of a galactic theme but I like it much more than the green…I think. I find this happens a lot with my artwork, particularly the spontaneous pieces that I find are ever-changing as they evolve and take more and more of a strange turn in aesthetics.

Other updates include I still hate the glow in the dark paint I’m using to highlight the skeleton of the snake. I’m planning on adding in some metallic paint for the moon element on the left hand side and depending on how much the glow in the dark paint drives me insane I might use some of it to highlight the stars in the background to add another layer of depth to the piece.

p.s there are more weird snake pieces in my portfolio 🙂

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