June 21, 2023

Embracing the Chaos: A Day in the Life of an Artist

Life as an artist is a thrilling, chaotic rollercoaster, full of creativity, inspiration, and a healthy dose of unpredictability. While I see others writing about their neat, perfectly structured daily routines, mine is anything but. Yet, amidst the chaos, I find my own rhythm and balance. Here’s a peek into my wild day where I juggle art, admin, and everything in between without missing a beat.

Morning Routine

6:30 AM – Wake Up and Reflect The alarm blares, and I’m up, bleary-eyed and ready to conquer the day. I spend a few moments trying to remember my dreams, which often spark the wildest ideas.

7:00 AM – Morning Coffee The day can’t start without my lifeline – a strong cup of coffee (cappuccino or a white mocha). I sip it while scrolling through social media, getting lost in a rabbit hole of inspiration and memes.

7:30 AM – Breakfast Breakfast is whatever I can grab quickly – a smoothie, a piece of toast, or sometimes just more coffee. My mind is already racing with ideas, and I can’t wait to get started.

8:00 AM – Checking Emails and Social Media I dive into emails and social media. I respond to clients, check out the latest art trends, and post a quick update to keep my followers in the loop.

Creative Work

9:00 AM – Sketchbook Time With the admin work sort of out of the way, it’s time to open my sketchbook. I doodle furiously, jumping from one idea to another. This is where the magic starts, with random sketches that might turn into my next big project.

10:00 AM – Project Work I leap into my main project of the day. Whether it’s a commission, prepping for an exhibition, or a new piece for my collection, I lose myself in the creative process. Time flies, and before I know it, hours have passed.

12:30 PM – Lunch Break Lunch is usually something quick and easy – a salad, a sandwich, anything that takes 2 seconds to make really. Sometimes, I eat while sketching or brainstorming ideas.

Afternoon Routine

1:00 PM – Client Meetings and Calls Afternoons are for meetings and calls with clients. I discuss new projects, give updates, and brainstorm ideas.

2:00 PM – More Project Work Back to the studio to continue my projects. I get engrossed in the intricate details, the afternoon light perfect for focusing on the finer aspects of my work.

4:00 PM – Accounts and Admin Time for the not-so-fun part: managing accounts and admin. I track expenses, plan my budget, and make sure everything’s running smoothly. Numbers aren’t my favourite, but it’s got to be done.

5:00 PM – Creative Break I take a break to recharge. This might mean sitting outside, blasting some music, or just staring into space, letting my mind wander and reset.

Evening Routine

5:30 PM – Experimentation and Exploration Evenings are for playtime in the studio. I experiment with new techniques, materials, or start small side projects. This is where I let loose and see where my creativity takes me.

7:00 PM – Dinner Dinner is a time to unwind. I cook something simple, enjoying the process as a creative outlet. Sometimes, I get so into it that I forget to eat until later, so more often than not I have “Girl Dinner” – haha!

8:00 PM – Relaxation and Inspiration After dinner, I relax by reading, watching movies, or browsing through art blogs and magazines. I also love looking at other artists’ work for inspiration. This time is all about feeding my creative soul.

9:30 PM – Evening Reflection and Planning Before bed, I reflect on the day and plan for tomorrow. I jot down any ideas that came up, make a to-do list, and organise my thoughts. This helps me hit the ground running in the morning.

10:00 PM – Bedtime I end my day with some quiet time, usually reading a book or scrolling through my phone until I drift off to sleep, ready to dive into another chaotic day tomorrow.

Being an artist is a whirlwind of creativity, inspiration, and organised chaos. Every day is an adventure, full of unexpected twists and turns. By embracing the chaos and staying true to my creative spirit, I find joy and fulfilment in my work. While my routine might not be the neatest, it’s uniquely mine, and it works. I hope this glimpse into my daily life inspires you to embrace your own creative journey, no matter how wild and unpredictable it may be.

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