Hello there stranger!

Grab yourself a cup of tea and some nice biscuits because it’s about to get boring!

I’m Gee! As you probably gathered. I’m 20 something year old, sleep deprived girl Mum to Eloise and Lily, wife to be to Ben. I’m an artist, borderline nerd and 100% make up obsessed with a weakness for skincare and pretty packaging. I home educate Eloise so expect some posts where I’m waffling on about what we get up to!

I’ve been blogging about all things Parenting, Beauty, and Lifestyle related for around 5 or 6 years now which is mad to even think about! I started off on Blogger with the crappest name ever and now I have my own little web space which is kind of awesome if you think about it.

My first ever blog was based around my love of Art, Design & Photography which stemmed from my college years as an Art, Design & Media student. Fast forward and I am now a young Mum to my two beautiful daughters, Eloise (8) and Lily (2). I started blogging again as a nap time hobby as a way to connect with other people outside my PND baby bubble when my eldest was tiny, and it’s just sort of gone on from there really and become something I am incredibly passionate about.


If you have any questions or just fancy a nice good chat then just tweet me @Geeegardner


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Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you here again!