What are your fees?

The cost of each commissioned piece varies so much that we can only give you a quote after receiving the details of your requirements.

What your turn around time?

As a general rule of thumb, turn around time is 8-12 weeks for traditional pieces and 6-8 weeks for digital artwork and designs. The times are largely dependant on how busy we are but the expected completion date will be discussed with you during the commissioning process.

If you have a particular date you need your Artwork completed by we will do our best to accommodate your deadline but please note that we are unlikely to be able to create a piece within a very short time constraint i.e. < 2 weeks.

Can I commission you to recreate an already existing piece or something I’ve seen online?

The short answer is no because copying another artists work would breach copyright and is prohibited. We can however, create something similar so there are no copyright issues.

Reference photos are helpful in order to aid understanding of your brief although we will be unable to directly copy any existing artwork unless the copyright to the original has expired.

If I want to commission you to create a portrait, will I need to be prepared to sit for you?

No not at all. While in some cases, being able to sit would be preferable it is not compulsory and a good quality photograph will be more than satisfactory in order to complete your portrait. Please note that if the photograph was not taken by you then you will need written permission from the copyright holder to have it recreated.

How will I receive my Artwork?

Digital commissions will be sent via Email, or DropBox for larger pieces. Traditional commissions will be sent fully insured via a courier service. You are also welcome to collect directly from the studio.

Once I’ve paid for the Artwork, do I own the copyright?

No. You will own the traditional or digital version of the original artwork but you will not automatically own the copyright to that piece of art. If you wish to request ownership to the copyright of your commissioned piece of artwork then you can request this, although this will be reflected in the final fee and the cost will be considerably higher so please bear this in mind.

You, as the commissioner have the right to display the artwork in your home or business for example but the Artwork must not be resold or reproduced for profit in any way without written permission from the Artist. This includes the use of logos for things such as merchandise, etc.

If you need any help regarding copyright please do not hesitate to email us for advice.

Can I make changes to a piece once it’s in progress?

After submitting your brief and paying any initial upfront fees you will be sent WIP sketches and updates giving you space to express your opinions before the piece has reached the final stages of completion. We are happy to accommodate a few edits as long as they are not wildly different from your original brief. If you change your mind significantly once the artwork is already in progress then you may incur additional charges in order to complete your new vision. This will be discussed with you beforehand.

I’m not satisfied with the final piece, what can I do?

While this has never happened before because we try our best to work as closely with you throughout the entire progress to ensure that you are happy with the vision before moving onto the later stages of a piece. Every client is emailed an initial WIP sketch outlining the basic vision of the piece for approval before the piece enters the main production stage to ensure we capture exactly the right colours, themes, tones and direction of the piece.

If for any reason you are still not satisfied with your artwork you are under no obligation to accept the piece. Please note that in the event you do not wish to accept the commissioned artwork, any non-refundable deposits will not be returned.

In the event of refusing a piece of traditional artwork, you have 48 hours after the receipt of your piece to reject it. You would be required to return the artwork and a refund will be issued minus any non-refundable deposits.

When do I need to pay?

This depends on the medium of your commission. If you are requesting a simple portrait for example, we would require full payment upfront.

For other, more detailed digital artwork you can either choose to grant full artistic freedom to create your artwork and pay upfront or opt for a partial, non-refundable payment upfront and then pay the remainder of your fee after you have approved the WIP sketch. The latter is what most people prefer to do.

All commissions require a non-refundable deposit before any work begins. This fee will be 20% of the final estimated total.