Tulip & Moss

Hello! Welcome to my new little venture as I branch off into another part of my hobby tree and bring you my artwork! So, what’s Tulip & Moss all about?

Tulip & Moss has been a long time in the pipe works and I thought what better time to launch everything than on what should have been my Angels 3rd birthday.

So first, let me tell you a bit of background information…

When I miscarried back in 2014 I lost myself for a while too but a couple of years ago, I started finding ways to “give back” to Mums and babies in need in memory of my little one whether those ways were in the form of physical items, donations or random acts of kindness.

I started by crocheting little hats for even the tiniest babies for the NICU. This little project then branched out to crocheting octopus and Jellyfish for the organisation Octopus for a Preemie. These guys ship out carefully inspected octos and jellies to hospitals all over to preemies and other babies born too soon. I had a brief break from this because I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome last year which has only just recently sorted itself out.

One of the “random acts of kindness” I started doing was after I came across a lady on a photo editing group on Facebook, she had just suffered a miscarriage and only had a single photograph of her positive pregnancy test to remember her baby by. She was asking if the editors on the page could make her photograph special. I messaged her and offered to paint her test along with whatever quote she liked. I had previously painted my own little watercolour illustration of my bump and also a little “Rainbow Baby” illustration of my little Lily Bean.

Over the past year I’ve painted a handful of painting for various women I’ve come across online and offered my artistic skills to them, and ones who have come to me and asked for paintings of their pregnancy tests, rainbows, quotes, constellations, their ideas and mine.

Here are a few examples of some paintings I’ve done this year so far…

For more photos check out Tulip & Moss on Instagram @tulipandmoss.

So, what’s in a name?

So what does Tulip & Moss mean? I love flowers, more specifically, I love flowers with meanings. Most people don’t think twice about the language of flowers but each bloom really does have it’s own meaning. Here for example – Moss symbolises maternal love and Tulips, slightly more diverse and their meanings range from happiness, love and friendship to the loss of a loved one. All meanings I saw fitting to my initial ideal idea for Tulip & Moss and that is to branch out my random acts of kindness.

Want a Pregnancy Remembrance Painting?

If you have suffered pregnancy or baby loss and would like a painting then please get in touch by emailing me at tulipandmoss@gmail.com or contact me via any of the social media links on the left.

I currently have 4 slots available each month which I will reconsider depending on how popular they become. I do not charge anything for these, the only suggestion I make is that you donate to Tommy’s.


Find Tulip & Moss here: