October 2, 2021

bloggers design workshop | 3 common mistakes

Social media influencers have become a huge part of out lives over the last decade which has led to a lot of people looking to take that leap into monetising their social media content and starting websites sharing their lives and talents with the digital world. A common misconception is that this process is easy and I’m sure for some it might be but if you’re really wanting to put your all into the world of social media marketing then it’s a lot more complicated than simply owning a Instagram account or a blog.

The very first thing somebody is going to notice when they land on your website is the design. The overall tone and structure of your blog is what will initially capture the readers attention and if your layout and design elements are terrible then your site is going to look unprofessional and the lack of cohesiveness will inevitably lead to users leaving without even reading your content.

Not researching beforehand

While the job of a social media influencer/blogger is widely considered to be incredibly easy, there are a lot of things that you probably don’t know about when it comes to the ins and outs of it all. Quite contrary to popular belief, there are rather a lot of things about the trade that wouldn’t even cross your mind

How to fix this:

+ Read my Bloggers Start-Up Guide
+ Talk to other bloggers

Using copyrighted images/ graphics

This is quite common occurrence in the bloggersphere. If you are looking at starting a blog then it is imperative that you know that just because an image is on Google does not mean it is in the public domain and free for you to use – quite the opposite normally. When a photograph is taken the copyright holder is automatically the person who pressed the shutter. Google images is not a stock photo website and it’s a minefield, i get it, but you really do not want to be doing this if you are wanting to create a successful blog! Worst case scenario in these situations is court and fines so you really really must avoid doing this at all costs.

How to fix this:

+ Take your own photographs
+ Use stock photos (and check the licences!)
+ Hiring someone to create your designs

Not hiring a graphic designer

One thing that is rather frustration as a graphic designer is that all too often our work is deemed unnecessary, especially with smaller businesses and they whip up their own graphics on a free online software and think “oh well that was easy” – and they are right. Creating a design using fonts or graphics you don’t have a license to use commercially is not a good look for any buisness.

Understanding colour psychology and typography is no easy feat and is imperative to creating a strong, successful design for your business.

How to fix this:

+ include the cost of a graphic designer in your start up budget
+ don’t rush into choosing a designer – find someone whose style best fits your brand

Ensuring you have a reasonable budget for graphic design within your brand is essential. The graphics are what hold your business together and attract clients – without a strong visuals you are unlikely to draw in new clientele. treating your design elements are crucial as the products themselves is the key to creating a successful brand because without them, you simply won’t stand out.

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