January 7, 2021

blog post ideas for art bloggers

Being part of the artistic world online is rather different from galleries to showcase your work. Using social media and online blogs has become commonplace in most businesses including the art world. Blogging gives you extra exposure as well as offering opportunity to share your work with your target audience.

20 blog post ideas for art blogs

01 share your art life story

02 write about na artist you admire

03 show your readers your studio/art space

04 share your best apps for artists

05 write a post on how to deal with art block

06 tips on titling artwork

07 share the artwork you have on your own walls

08 share your WIP pieces or some things out of your sketchbook

09 tips for creating a gallery wall in your home

10 explain your commissioning process (this also doubles up as a helpful link for new clients)

11 interview another artist

12 show the process behind a piece of artwork

13 share your favourite art supplies

14 review something related to your artwork (paint, brushes, paper, etc)

15 showcase your artwork from over the years

16 write a drawing tutorial

17 talk through the equipment you use

18 showcase some of your childhood artwork

19 share your workspace/ behind the scenes

20 showcase your artwork over the years

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